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  1. Getting same error, 2 days ago worked fine, tryed many times- opened one instance,but cant open more..... Any ideas when it will be fixed????
  2. Jagex considering game rollback.... Will keep the post ,so theres not gonna be created more about this.
  3. Yeah,recently read about twisted bow bug. WIll delete topic.
  4. Does anyone knows,when it will be fixed?
  5. Yeah as far as i understood tribot web walking doesnt work properly as it should,thats why FC questing script fails also, because it uses tribot web walker. Ive used Dwalker often and it fails also alot,in the past in was always flawless 24/7. Have send message to tribot admin, hope he will answer soon and fix it! It sucks when scripts doesnt work because of the tribot problems.
  6. Is it possible to use arguments to start a saved profile? If yes how? tryed using saved profile name in argument but it doesnt work. Thank you
  7. Hello mate,could you check up whats wrong with the quester? Since the last 2 days it began to fail really badly, bot stops and does nothing in the middle of the quest. It doesnt finish Knights sword,Romeo and Juliet. havent checked the rest of the quests. It seems like jagex have done something with the GEO data maybe idk. COuld you hook up to check it? Thanks mate
  8. Hello guys,im using socks5 proxy in tribot, is there any easy way to see what is my current ip when logged into the account? I couldnt find any information on our forum about IP's, Big thanks to all that could help?
  9. Script works great, but it needs 1 feature burning based on tasks. Its very very bot like when it burns all the logs and logs out immidiately , then i have to log in again change log type and start again. Is it possible to make task based feature or progress logs burning? Would love to see that
  10. It takes way too long time to fix it.... Use another script that is now free in repository since the coder doesnt have time to maintain it. I used it only for Romeo,sheep,cooks,knighs sword (lags at 1 spot in the castle due to tribot walker problem), dorics. Works almost flawlesly
  11. Been testing it on 4 accounts for a few hours. walker in the script doesnt work as it should, account that got out of food,walked to the bank,and got disabled because of the walker that runs front and back non stop. It takes 5times longer than normaly to walk with the scritp.. It needs fixing.
  12. Have purchased the script, looks like working well. Just noticed that the bot maybe because of the proxy delays runs not smoothly to the spot. It runs to the spot and sometimes back in opposite side but not always. What command should to change attack styles at specific levels reached? It says read the thread but i couldnt find any on FAQ or description.
  13. Script works almost perfect on leather, it just fails to press on to skip message that crafting lvled up. Otherwise works fine on Leather argument. But how to run it on Hard leather? It says idling when ran with argument Leather or Hard leather. Please help?
  14. Accounts doesnt need any very high lvl's. So it does work.tryed myself. I just dont have time to lvl them up.
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