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  1. Loving the script Naton! Similar to the dude above. I ran two accounts for about 9hrs at sand crabs, one was at east shore, and the other at crab claw aisle. Baby sit both without breaks constantly chatting away to any real person( about 7-9 hrs a day for the past week), and received a 2day temporary ban on the one at crab claw. Only difference between the two aside from location is that i had special attack set at 60% without the minimap orb activation for my guy at crab claw. Does special attack increase the chance of getting picked up?
  2. Got full trawlers in just several hours, very efficient!
  3. Thanks for the tips dude, just got back to botting the past 2 weeks and that was helpful!
  4. Its a good script! I got to lvl 83 slowly from fly fishing in f2p over the past 1-2 weeks. Got a bit greedy the past 2 days and went karamja to get lobbies for some cash, got the bant hammer today haha.
  5. Anyone else doing f2p karamja fishing for lobsters and it will either constantly 'walk to fishing spot' around south of Rimmington, or around the karamja fishing spots. Started happening about 2 days ago
  6. Well I'm new to botting and I do find OP's post helpful. Sure its not insightful as you may hope, but I'm sure OP's intention to help surely does offset your 'shitty' community attitude.
  7. In fishing guild, the bot fishes on the far platform most of the time when using harpoon for swordies/tuna/sharks
  8. Getting the same issue here, bot runs to the north and gets hit by hobgoblins.
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