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  1. Actually my account just got banned today from using TRI AIO. So I don't have an account anymore. I can provide proof. So since I can't help YOU with YOUR script, and YOU can't help YOURSELF with your own script, can I now get a refund? Stop being immature and start taking the initiative when it comes to these kind of situations. It's your business and your bot, not ours. I can also provide proof that I was banned today, earlier this morning, and not another time. I just hopped on here to disable any payment methods linked to my account so I don't become billed for more months.
  2. I am not going to loan you my personal account to help you fix the issue with YOUR bot. You're running a business here by selling RS bots and you need to keep them up-to-date yourself. A good business man would refund right off the bat because you should know that good customer service = more customers. Refund me or I'll go ahead and post a dispute in 5 days. I am not lending you my account. That is extremely ridiculous and unprofessional to ask someone.
  3. I use this for relleka east rock crabs and the script just stands there after gathering food from the bank and doesn't head back to the crabs. I would like a refund if possible, thank you. It just idles for like 10 minutes and doesn't do anything after. No break, just idle for no reason.
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