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  1. fixed game mode, i had select prayers on but it would click the map. Also at the default acb it causes a lack of zeal. I guess I should go to .1?
  2. Started working again, not sure why. Didn't do anything differently. But it'd just die and then stop the script. I'm using the same settings you're using except I do rock cakes instead of prayer flicking option.
  3. This was working well, but for some reason every time i run it now after like a few minutes it just dies and I have no idea why because nothing is wrong.
  4. Also after a few mins the entire client crashes on regular tribot and the debug just says lul41 lul 41 lul41 spammed down I'm not sure what's wrong.
  5. While using looking glass, and I start a script looking glass will click on one area while on the game it'll click a few inches up so it doesn't accurately click on anything at all, What can i do?
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