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  1. Apples44

    forgotten password error

    hello, i forgot my password and when i clicked on forgotten password on the tribot client it said error help plz
  2. Apples44

    cant seem to open tribot

    i opened the tribot app yesterday and cannot figure out how to open it again ive tried everything it just takes me to a winrar file and does nothing AND WHEN I TRY TO OPEN IT ON MY DESKTOP IT DOES NOTHING ANY SUGG??
  3. Apples44

    i just bought the 8$ a month now what??????

    hey! fuck you buddy no need to be hostile
  4. is the zulrah v2 script worth it? if anyone know and is using it what type of gear do i need ect,,
  5. idk how to use the scripts for the 8$ a month purchase
  6. Apples44

    how do i use premium bots

    i just bought the 8$ one how do i use the scripts now? its telling me i still gotta buy em