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  1. "Email was already taken,skipping account." I've been trying to solve this issue for hours. Please help!
  2. Works perfectly now as it should. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'm keeping getting this message, doesn't matter how much I change my settings the script will end immediately after clicking start [19:28:52] Script Started: aAgility v2. [19:28:59] Autoleveling is enabled. Following courses are disabled: Canifis Seers Poll Rellekka Ardougne [19:29:01] Disabled all randoms. [19:29:12] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid range (Min: 1, Mean: 0, Max: 100). [19:29:12] at org.tribot.api.General.randomSD(vr:613) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.l.(WalkingMethods.java:96) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.l.J(WalkingMethods.java:308) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.ya.J(ClickingMethods.java:251) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.ya.J(ClickingMethods.java:226) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.ya.J(ClickingMethods.java:136) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.za.J(Course.java:75) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.Main.L(Main.java:199) [19:29:12] at scripts.aAgilityNEW.Main.run(Main.java:133) [19:29:12] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [19:29:12] Script Ended: aAgility v2. please fix this asap!
  4. Request: Alching on charged bracelets of ethereum Description: Starting with some gold and nature rune in your inventory and have revenant ethers in your bank. Buying 26 uncharged bracelets of ethereum from grand exchange and charge each bracelet with 1 revenant ether. After 26 bracelets are charged it is now time for high alching all of them from your inventory and now profits are made and should go on repeat. If it possible to set max buying price for uncharged bracelets it would be great. Sorry for my bad English, I can record all the process and send it to you, to understand me more. Please add me on Discord if you are willing to write this script for me. Thank you, Discord duk151#5871 Payment Amount: $110 If all works fine. Time: As soon as possible
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