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  1. lmfaoown

    cant run my premium script

    Go to the script repository. On the side bar, under User Panel you'll find Instance Manager. Go there, and kill any instances that appear. If none appear, wait 15-30 minutes and it shouldn't throw that error at you anymore.
  2. If you really want a number to decide banrate: 1 If you want an actual number for banrate, you'll never find it. Read up on how to safely bot around the forums. And as said previously: Don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose.
  3. Don't bot on an account you're not willing to lose. Many scripts are safe if you know how to bot correctly.
  4. lmfaoown


    On the top left of the TRiBot client click Script, then Start Script. A list of script you've activated from the repository now show. Navigate to the one you'd like.
  5. lmfaoown


    32.33%, repeating of course.
  6. lmfaoown

    AIO User

  7. lmfaoown

    VIP purchase and Mute's R.C. Killer

    Is it activated in your repository?
  8. lmfaoown

    Looking Glass Seems Sideways

    This is actually a feature. Since JaGeX tracks mouse movements, having them slanted at such an angle renders Human Mouse useless as you'll never be in the majority of possible tracked mouse movements. How'd you get into the pre-alpha? Where can I sign up?
  9. lmfaoown

    Account manager

    You can't recover it I believe. It's to prevent people that don't know the password from acquiring your information, and if you forgot the password, you fall under that list oddly enough.
  10. lmfaoown


    Shows you have VIP-E for me.
  11. lmfaoown

    No email notifications?

    Mine works just fine. I actually had it text my phone previously. Just make sure you've typed it in correctly and enable it all. If it doesn't work, try deleting the email and re-adding to see if that does anything.
  12. Are you aware that the script still has issues logging out when it's done enchanting? Issue as in it will open the bank and infinitely search for the item it's attempting to enchant, logs out, logs back in after the Runescape default log off timer, and repeat. I don't have a slow computer (4770k/nV670/12GB ram) so that isn't the issue. It has happened on three different PCs of mine.
  13. Now this is something I can get excited for..
  14. lmfaoown

    Prayer/Overload drinker

    NMZ Potter.
  15. lmfaoown

    Please HELP!

    This is TRiBot, you can't do such fancy shmancy things like that.