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  1. Script is VERY slow, at gilded altar does maybe 200 bones every hour
  2. True that. Whenever I try to get accounts to start gold farming, they get banned with 24 hours.
  3. On my account, I've been banned twice for botting, three times for macroing. I think as long as it isn't deemed as gold farming, you're fine. Don't quote me on it (These bans all had more then a year time difference)
  4. Thanks, I'll probably buy this when it's updated. Seems like one of the best money maker methods, and I've been using your scripts for a couple days.
  5. @Usa https://gyazo.com/3f3e6b73285bedefe4614bafdcecf976 Very similar to this.
  6. Using the trial right now, and can't seem to get the bot to both: randomly log out when looting, and when it does log out it can't join another world.
  7. What's a LG? and how do I use it?
  8. just dont buy rs accounts if you feel like this
  9. Is there anyway for the bot to take specific things out of the bank? Whenever I am trying to train magic, and I need to bank it always gets rid of my runes
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