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  1. best way to contact you?


  2. @erickho123 I wouldn't say script is working fine, as of now it does not use the special attack for gmaul, I haven't tested with other weapons but it will pick up the orb and equip gmaul, but will not use the spec bar, it will just sit there and also will not switch back to whip/defender after the fact. also the nmz game set to 1 will also cause it to play more than 1 game I usually watch it to stop it from doing this but it is a problem EDIT: it also will switch to gmaul randomly and use spec, then not switch back to whip id and defender id afterwards. I have 100% made sure item IDs are correct but it will not switch back to whip and defender after switching to gmaul Script works decently but would not recommend not leaving this AFK for a long period of time.
  3. black screen when using runelite? it works but just a black screen on tribot side, is this how it is supposed to work? Figured it out I just clearly did not read lol :S
  4. They took the Tribot Repo down for about ~6 hours today and ALL scripts had a instance lockout issue, wasn't this script in general, just i'm sure some people running during this down time ran into issues that flagged bans.
  5. Bro you CHOSE to bot, on a account you obviously did not want to lose 205 QP is not worth botting on in my opinion. I have used this on multiple accounts with no problems but I always also watch my bots for errors and manually find ways to prevent them, this bot works fine there are some weird issues such as it looks at the music tab ALOT but other than that it is fine. You were botting during a period the client was having updates, it would be wise to scroll through the threads and make sure your not logging in and botting during a unstable time. Don't bot on a account you care about, all I honestly have to say about this. Good luck.
  6. Working fine for me, I will watch for about a hour to see what it does Update ran for 1.5 hours with no problems, this was me started manually in nmz before starting script.
  7. If they didn't catch you, then how did they ban you LOL? that makes no sense, something obviously caught you, be it bot detection or a mod, results are the same.
  8. Is it under the same sub forum? I cannot find any new posts.
  9. What do you mean thanks for the ban? You chose to use it that's rule 1, never bot on a account you can't afford to lose. How long were you running it for?
  10. As in rich white friends are in PST. Well done.
  11. Is there somewhere to check for scheduled maintenance?
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