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  1. 4 hours of agility is pretty long for a human being, no?
  2. thanks. will try it out now edit : its working fine as of now
  3. it is still getting stuck when it hops world. like it just clicks on a world and then clicks on another world till the script forces itself to shutdown
  4. no he hasnt updated it yet. it still gets stuck on world hopping
  5. when will it be fixed? kinda wasteful how i purchased it and not able to use it properly
  6. script is good so far. however, i have some issues banking loots. how do i get it to bank loots? idk the id for the loots lol. someone help me out please? @Assume
  7. it still clicks on the world switch and then click on the "x". could you please check it out?
  8. it wasnt shared, past used nor abused. its brand new and used only by me. used it for the first time for botting runecrafting because i wanted to be as safe as possible. i bought it from a provider that provides to small businesses meaning not many people uses it
  9. thanks for the prompt response. cant wait for the update!
  10. dont use this script guys. used it yesterday for 2 hours on both my accounts with individual proxies and break time but it still got banned. @warfront1 can i please have a refund? many thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for then prompt respond guys. I guess i will still use it anyways. yes what @YoHoJo said is true. You dont have to pay $20 for it. I found it from a small company
  12. Bought 2 private proxy for 2 accounts which I have owned for over a year. botted rc with auto runecrafter elite earlier today and it both got banned. my other accounts which i have owned for only a couple of months with individual private proxies are still fine even though i botted way more longer hours. question is can i still use both the private proxies or should i get new ones? Many thanks in advance. sorry im still learning how these things work.
  13. i will purchase this when it gets fixed. thanks
  14. is this script working properly? would like to purchase it immediately @Assume
  15. i have got the same issue here as aaronjim. using on normal client and it gets stuck when trying to logout. all it does is keep clicking on world switcher and then x over and over again. @Usa
  16. bump. interested in a premium blast furnace bot. willing to pay $20/month
  17. omg. thanks for the prompt response yohojo. honestly i was trying to get it running since 7 hours ago lol. im able to load it now. thank you very much
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