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  1. Whats are your stats and equipment?
  2. biggusdyckus

    Can you run a proxy using LG?

    Is there anyway I can verify that I am running on a proxy, like some sort of indicator? Or if the client won't load with a proxy, I can determine that the proxy wasn't properly loaded?
  3. biggusdyckus

    Can you run a proxy using LG?

  4. biggusdyckus

    Can you run a proxy using LG?

    Can you use a proxy to run LG? The reason i am asking this question is because you're essentially logging on Osbuddy client to run the bot. If so, how can I verify on tribot that I am running on a proxy?
  5. biggusdyckus

    Zmi altar rc bot

    I can clearly tell you have no common sense and just assume shit are that incorrect. Here is a one of many topic created about private scripts and how you can request one to be made from an official scripter:
  6. biggusdyckus

    Zmi altar rc bot

    What are you talking about? Zdogg NEVER EVEN mentioned how about how people buy private scripts, I did. Guywithlsd is asking how Zdogg know that people don't release these money making scripts. Then I come along and quote Guywithlsd about my experience with private scripts and that some of them are kept private because they are a huge money maker and kept private. Do you understand what I am trying to say, or you assuming?
  7. biggusdyckus

    Zmi altar rc bot

    If people can write a Zulrah script that can efficiently kill Zulrah then I am pretty sure people can write a script for ZMI alter. Besides, there are plenty of private scripts that have been requested by users and kept from the public. You just need to have the funds and you will get your own private script.
  8. Which proxy type to use for botting HTTP or Socks5?
  9. Looting is really slow or do I need to adjust mouse speed a little faster?
  10. That sucks atleast you got your money worth.
  11. Oh shit. Any thoughts worthy?
  12. biggusdyckus

    Quality scripts with plenty of support

    Looking for suggestions on quality script to use with good support from scripter besides zulrah slayer.
  13. Did you take any breaks or just straight up bot 8 hrs straight?
  14. @Worthy purchased and the script and it’s wondering using it with looking with glass! Is ahrims hood and karils coif supported, if not can you provide me with a list of supported items? Any major updates coming soon? Thanks!