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  1. Hi all, Running Osbuddy.Jar and LG. it opens and all but when it has loaded I am unable to turn the camera, or type or anything... it won't even let me run a script? it will indeed open the script but it just won't do anything on the screen. does anyone have a fix for this? thank you
  2. This looks good! I got a 2 day temp ban from hunter last month however looking to see if anyone’s had experience with running this script after they have a 2 day temp ban on their account?
  3. Thank you for your reply. However, from your experience did you bot combat such as NMZ after your 2 day ban to receive a ban? Because I’ve read mixed things
  4. Hi all I received a two day ban about a month ago after using a premium hunter bot +LG I have used premium combat bots for many hours eg the crabkilla bot And had no issues I had even got two 99s in about a month. It was only when I had tried out the premium hunter bot I had managed to get from 1-85 until I received my temp ban i was wondering if it would be Okay to go back to botting something like NMZ As it is more afk? I have been questing and laying low for a month now.. has anyone had any experiences with two day bans and botting Combat?
  5. Received a two day ban a month ago from another script (hunter) has anyone used this script with an account that has had a two day ban that hasn’t been quashed?
  6. Thanks for the replies, I won’t be going to any gold farming things only something like combat etc so I don’t think it should be that bad.. right?
  7. Hi all, I have just received a two day ban (left my red chins script on overnight) and yes I was using LG but this is my own fault for leaving something like that on overnight however, i would like to know has anyone continued botting after receiving a 2 day ban and is still safe? I won’t be doing the same method.. just something that doesent involve money making really. i don’t need to hear things like “no you shouldn’t you’ll get perm banned etc” just want to hear some experiences thanks!
  8. Hi there I have a problem with alching for quite some time now. The alching click messes up after about 30 mins and just spam clicks inventory etc. I don’t know why but it’s quite annoying is there any way I can fix this? thank you!
  9. Hi there, I have just purchased this script. it opens without any issues but when I go to do the settings in the setup and then click 'Start Script' nothing happens at all and there is no message in the debug. Basically I can't even start the script... can you please help? Thank you
  10. Hi Optimus ive been running the high alch script but eventually after an hour or two it just decides to do nothing and then it of course logs out from idle. Does anyone else experience this? And how can it be fixed? thank you kindly!
  11. Shanna94


    Where do I go to re-do the settings?
  12. Shanna94


    I would but I have no idea how to do that or what a GUI profile even is? Sorry bit of a noob I know I’ll admit haha
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