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  1. I just worked on it again tonight since posting this and figured it out. Here is the solution encase anyone comes across this... The uiValues[0] is a string array and to send a double to a string you have to cast it. After different casting attempts that one I got to work was: uiValues[0] = String.format("%.0f", Double.parseDouble(spinnerArrowsToWithdraw.getValue().toString())); This removes the decimal and casts it to a double. Pretty straight forward solution after I took a break and let myself think haha.
  2. Title pretty much describes it...I start my script and it opens the GUI, when I press the start button it does nothing unless I change the value of the spinner to something else OR change it and then change it back to its original value. Here is where I have isolated the issue to...(Something is scuffed with getting the value of the spinner) JButton StartButton = new JButton("Start!"); StartButton.setFont(new Font("Arial", Font.PLAIN, 14)); StartButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { //Broken here uiValues[0] = spinnerArrowsToWithdraw.getValue().toString(); try { writeToFile(); } catch (IOException e1) { e1.printStackTrace(); } setVisible(false); } }); StartButton.setBounds(185, 244, 97, 25); contentPane.add(StartButton);
  3. Is the screen showing any errors? Make sure tribot and osbuddy are both 32bit. There is also this:
  4. I don't quite know how to work the title but my questions is...say I have 5 bots botting a spot that I know no one else (or very little) people bot at. If 1 of those bots gets banned, will Jagex "investigate" that area. As an example, if the 5 bots are woodcutting in the wilderness, some random spot that makes no sense. If 1 of them gets banned will Jagex go "hmm lets see if there are any other bots at this area". I get we don't know Jagex's exact thought process but just out of others experiences or something. Hope that all makes sense haha, thanks for any answers!
  5. Don't know if I should post this somewhere else but the tribot world hopper at the login screen seems to have a weird algorithm. What I mean is is my bots will hop worlds and sometimes end up on the same worlds that my other bots are on...the chances of it just "randomly" picking the same world seem like it should be extremely low. Makes me think its picking from a somewhat linear string of worlds
  6. You can just use all of the skilling scripts that are available pretty much one for every training in the game. One big script would be cool but it would be a ton of work.
  7. I've seen this too, that its better to always bot on your account so that's what looks "normal". Then again...I have botted on mains for hours a day then play on them legit after a 8-12 hour botting session and they have never been banned so who knows.
  8. Did you try restarting your browser/computer? Something might be stuck
  9. Proxies would separate them by IP yes. A lot of people say botting on proxies is good but its up to you and a lot of factors go into how you get banned.
  10. The meme poems always make me laugh, then again, my name is monkaS...
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