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  1. Hey guys! I just started writing scripts with TRiBot and I am really enjoying it! I did one simple script and one complicated script for my friend, it works great but I was wondering if there was someone on here or another source to have my script reviewed? What I mean is even though it is working as intended I bet there is a better way to do some of the things I am doing. And by "higher up" that's mainly so they don't copy my script or whatever haha. Thanks for any help!
  2. monkaSman

    Rewie'sRedCrossRemover [Disable Tribots cursor&tracer]

    It just doesnt seem to suspend the anti ban on tribot...my script works and all is well but ill call leaveGame() and a few seconds later the mouse moves back onto the screen and moves around.
  3. monkaSman

    Rewie'sRedCrossRemover [Disable Tribots cursor&tracer]

    Hey ive been trying to run what @Naton said but for some reason it doesn't work no matter which persons "version" of it I look at. Am I just autismo and dont know where to put it? I am making a script for something afk so when the mouse is zooming all over the place it is annoying
  4. I am doing salamanders but it does about 15 minutes and then logs me out saying "Out of traps! Logging out! (not enough traps for all tiles)" I have started just filling my inventory with nets/ropes just to get around this. Any ideas or a fix on how to prevent this issue?