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  1. monkaSman

    [FREE] Lazy Progressive Chopper

    Looking forwards to what else you add and what I can learn from this Congratulations on release!
  2. monkaSman

    Bot Smart - What it is, and how to do it.

    The yellow text is a bit hard to read but I think this is good overall I always love posts like these!
  3. monkaSman

    TRiBot Release 10.12_2

    Having the same issue.
  4. monkaSman

    Bank pin system broken?

    I am having the same issue. Anyone found a solution? Edit: Seems like its an issue with the newest update.
  5. monkaSman

    Pin Bot

    I am mainly doing a recursive method because almost all of the clicking that I do with TriBot fails at some point so if the click fails I call recur. Anyways, the main thing is still the pin bot haha. I thought about making a custom one which would probably work better but from what I have seen you cannot get the pin from the account manager. This would make it hard/impossible to know which numbers to click. Here is the other thread that I am referring to where he seems to have a somewhat similar issue as me. He got about as far as me which is why I'm trying to find out more. @Optimus
  6. monkaSman

    Lobster Script

    There are lots of good tutorials on here! In addition to those, read the TriBot Api and play around with the debugger in the TriBot client to figure out whats what. Have fun!
  7. monkaSman

    Pin Bot

    I'll try the super.setPinBotState(false); although it never uses the tribot pin bot with the setPinBotState(false); so I dont know how much that is needed. As for my logic I have a bit of a recursive function that pretty much matches what you wrote. Here it is in a nutshell: private void OPEN_BANK() { setPinBotState(false); if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen() == false && Banking.isPinScreenOpen() == false) { //Click banker //wait for bank or pin to open OPEN_BANK(); } else if(Banking.isPinScreenOpen() == true) { setPinBotState(false); sleep(200, 600); Banking.inPin(); sleep(200, 600); OPEN_BANK(); } else if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen() == true) { sleep(200, 600); } } Thank you for your help!
  8. monkaSman

    Pin Bot

    Hello, I've noticed the pin bot works sometimes and doesn't work other times, thought I'd see if anyone has a solution. By using setPinBotState(false), adding a timer, and then Banking.inPin(), the success rate went up a bit but still fails. What happens is the mouse will click the first number and then click the second number twice. For example, if the pin is 1234 it will move and click 1, move and click 2, and then click where 2 just was for the third number instead of moving to the third number. Currently my bank method clicks the banker, moves the mouse into the inventory, waits for the pin to open, and then inputs the pin. The reason why I move my mouse into my inventory is in another similar thread the guy said moving his mouse to not be over the pin helped him but not for me. Here is the little snipet for my pin entering: else if(Banking.isPinScreenOpen() == true) { println("Pin is open"); setPinBotState(false); sleep(200, 600); Banking.inPin(); sleep(200, 600); OPEN_BANK(); }
  9. monkaSman

    GP/HR Calculator

    Hey, this is what I do: I find current bones at the beginning of the script so that it resets every bot session, the same way as what I did below. To calculate profit its simply the item multiplied by its price, in this case bones are worth 70gp. The equation for profitPerHour is just profit *3600000 because that is the amount of milliseconds in 1 hour and divide that by getRunningTime() which is also in milliseconds. RSItem[] f = Inventory.find(526); if(f.length > 0) { newBones = f.length - currentBones; } long profit = (newBones * 70); long profitPerHour = (int) (profit * 3600000.0D / getRunningTime());
  10. Hey guys! I just started writing scripts with TRiBot and I am really enjoying it! I did one simple script and one complicated script for my friend, it works great but I was wondering if there was someone on here or another source to have my script reviewed? What I mean is even though it is working as intended I bet there is a better way to do some of the things I am doing. And by "higher up" that's mainly so they don't copy my script or whatever haha. Thanks for any help!
  11. monkaSman

    Rewie'sRedCrossRemover [Disable Tribots cursor&tracer]

    It just doesnt seem to suspend the anti ban on tribot...my script works and all is well but ill call leaveGame() and a few seconds later the mouse moves back onto the screen and moves around.
  12. monkaSman

    Rewie'sRedCrossRemover [Disable Tribots cursor&tracer]

    Hey ive been trying to run what @Naton said but for some reason it doesn't work no matter which persons "version" of it I look at. Am I just autismo and dont know where to put it? I am making a script for something afk so when the mouse is zooming all over the place it is annoying
  13. I am doing salamanders but it does about 15 minutes and then logs me out saying "Out of traps! Logging out! (not enough traps for all tiles)" I have started just filling my inventory with nets/ropes just to get around this. Any ideas or a fix on how to prevent this issue?