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  1. how does this work? move camera, walks around, how does it stay logged in?
  2. @ibrahimspd to the person such as myself that has zero experience in this i have no clue how or where to change things such as that or what you mean by run locally vs run what ever the other way would be. if willing message me on discord @caddon#1063, would love to chat about it and gain some knowledge from you
  3. is the random user able to change these values somehow to make the script work again or does fluffee have to do it?
  4. automatic? yes it smiths thru the different items but it doesnt smith to next bar type. am i missing something??
  5. no. i have 15 combat stats as well as 30 magic new topic here:: i have noticed that if i start mlm with stock options except keep hammer in invy, inside faldor directly after using a tab to get there the script will run to mlm mine one invy then get stuck trying to deposit. if i run myself to mlm then start the script it does not get stuck first time trying to deposit invy through deposit box
  6. so third week using this script on suicide accounts. was going for coal bag. first day did 12 hours of run time. 3 hours on 1.5 hours off. with a few min variation. All ten got banned within 1 hour of each other on the second day when i logged in the next morning after they were running for about 1 hour on day 2. for my next attempt should i try only doing mlm for say 2 hours morning and 2 more at night?
  7. Thank you for an appropriate response
  8. Ok yup thanks! If anyone else would like to answer with helpful advice that would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have no experience with this. Using my brain would just be a guess. I am asking for advice. If you dont have any there is no need to reply!
  10. advice on how much to change it?
  11. refer to picture sorry that is my question. Is this normal? I was thinking my computer could handle way more then that at a time.
  12. anyone figure out why my cpu is over 80% sometimes at 100% when training 10 accounts at the same time using SwagSplasher script.
  13. caddon

    New gold farmer

    Hey all, I am looking for advice on how to start a gold farm. I plan on using blast furnace unless someone is willing to share a better script to farm with as far as gp/h with low req. anyways i am not sure where to start and would love some help. end goal is to have a few accounts running for a small "extra income" any help is appreciated
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