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  1. Hey @Naton any chance of getting some randomization in the pattern in which logs are made into planks? Seems currently it does the same pattern every inventory which seems a bit botty no?
  2. @erickho123 Quick question bro. How does your script interact with the break handler? Will the break handler only kick in after a dream has finished etc...?
  3. @Tri Wh does to always right click to walk. No human does that ever. Very dodgy. Also it switches off run...I assume theres a reason for that?
  4. @Usa Hmmm you made the crafting bot but don't have an account with level 16 crafting? hahaa
  5. @Usa Hey Bro, great script you have here. Any chance you could add support for opal necklace under the silver bar option? Allows us all to make our own Dodgy necklaces for theiving. 400gp craft and enchant price vs 960gp ge price. Hope you can make this happen!
  6. @laniax Bug - Running well at Ardy Knights... Apart from when the knight isn't in the house. Then it tries to switch worlds in game and most of the time fails to do so. Then tries logging out to switch worlds instead and still fails hop world with that interface either. Kind makes it unusable at Ardy knights for an extended period of time. Hope you can look into this asap before the knight update! Edit: Right. A prerequisite for it successfully hoping worlds in game may be to have you world list in numerical order. As previously i had it order by number of players and the bot kept choosing worlds i couldn't log into because they were on the first page i.e. 2000 skill total etc. Reordered the list and it successfully hopped. Edit 2: Scratch that. Still seems buggy switching worlds. @laniax
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