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    I love Runescape but I love botting more. I write custom scripts for cheap, PM me for details.

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  1. @reanox I've decided to run with your idea of a GE item buyer, I'm gonna get to work on it this weekend, when I can buy a bond on my account. Can you PM me? I have some questions about what you'd like to see in it.
  2. Honestly I'm still trying to formulate some, I've been thinking and reading through the forums. Previously, I just make stuff for myself that is really specific and I'm trying to get in the mindset of making something more community orientated that appeals to lots of people. Do you mean something that would take a list of items, trade a mule or something, use a bond, etc., and then buy items from a list? Like a "first time login" setup thing? I like that idea a lot. The only thing that I'm sort of worried about is that I don't really have an account right now that has those kinds of stats, I've been away from botting for awhile, and I have a 100% legit main. I'm gonna have to think about how I'm gonna go forward with that because its limiting my options atm but I don't want to wait to train a new account either. I'll keep that in mind thank you, haha.
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking for suggestions for a free script some people would like to see made. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I've been botting and writing scripts for OSRS for a couple of years now. I finally bit the bullet and invested in Tribot and I'm incredibly impressed with the functionality of the client and the API. I want to thank Trilez and all of the people that have worked so hard to create this community. I'm excited to give back and write some free scripts for you guys and I hope to see you around. Happy farming!
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