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  1. as you can see this is my first post, I'm so sorry it was not done correctly. l0l A for effort though right?
  2. [ P ] - Paid request. This is a request you will pay for the completion of. [ R ] - Request. You are requesting that this be made, and you would use this bot if released. [ I ] - Idea. You think this sounds like a good script, and you'd like input from script writers and whether or not this task could be taken. Looking for someone who is capable of making a highly advanced script, that would involve AGILITY / FARMING & HIGH ALCHING. -script would start off at GE (would go to GE if not there) and starting buying high alch items. -script would only buy high alch items that are profitable with real time GE prices. -script would test buy and sell prices of items. -script would then buy items at the sell price for 1-3gp more to obtain highest offer for items. -script would know alch prices of "said items that it would chose from." -script would know GE buy limits for "said items." -script would check inventory and bank for gold to buy items. -script would then start a farm run. (while alching if items have bought.) -script would get herb seeds/saplings/ of your choice out of bank. (must already have in the bank, would include herbs seeds,tree saplings & fruit trees.) -script would then start the run on the selected patches of your choice. -script would then bank all items and collect alchables from (collect) at bank. -script would start whatever agility course that was selected. (while items buy) assuming they are coming in slow. -script would be notified when items have bought and would stop at closest bank to selected agility course and start alching while doing agility. -script would know when herbs have grown, and would start a HERB PATCH ONLY farm run (while alching.) -script would then go back to agility after each herb patch run. if this script is done perfectly I would be more than happy to pay $100+ (MUST HAVE HIGH ANTI BAN) no time limit on script, I'd like it to come out perfect, so that it will be useful for awhile. I know it sounds like a huge task, but a lot of other scripts out there already have code for most of this stuff, its just about tying it all together smoothly, I know it can be done if you have any ideas on how to make this idea come to life, or even better please leave feedback. [ IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU COULD MAKE THIS SCRIPT FLAWLESSLY CONTACT ME ON DISCORD SO WE CAN TALK IN DEPTH ] (DISCORD) - ( Dukes #5612 )
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