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  1. Half hour to get 4 fruits! L0000L Really wanted to buy this script but i just cant =(
  2. This script got me banned, only 1 day thank god, but be very carefull! its not the script itself thats the problem but my own mistake. DO NOT ALCH more then a few hours a day unless you get banned ( Yes i know its common sense ), and only Bot at GE where people cant notice you and report you. Loved the script, it worked flawless but just a warning to anyone using it not to get greedy!
  3. Thanks for your quick reply, I am going to take some screen shots of exactly whats going on today and ill post them to you asap so you can see exactly whats going on. Also one other thing off the top of my head before i forget, I tried fishing sharks at the fishing guild using a dragon harpoon and the script would drop the dragon harpoon. Maybe you haven't had a chance to add the dragon harpoon in but i thought id let you know.
  4. Honestly very unimpressed with this script, it worked good for a bit but now i cant run it more then an hour or two and something happens. Has to be baby sat all the time. Doing barb fishing, i set it up and everything works good and when i come back a couple hours later its walked to a random spot and logged out. No error codes or bugs just very glitchy. Also i have to reset tribot often because it just wont fish and says loading script endlessly.
  5. I fixed the problem. Just incase anyone has the same issue in the future. I was using looking glass with runescape client. Switched to using OSBUDDY instead and it works like it should.
  6. I had it working for a second, switched to the right world and now it wont start. Says it cannot find all items ( Tinderbox ) even though its in my inventory. I Closed my rs client, closed tribot. Opened everything back up. Started script and it worked, it ran into windertodt and then did nothing. stopped script and tried to restart. Same error about the tinderbox
  7. Does this script not work with looking glass? I had the trial running perfect, paid for premium and now it wont work. I click start and the script doesnt start. Turns off right away. Ive checked all settings and yes the game is zoomed out all the way.
  8. Turns on, doesnt do anything after that. What more do you need to know?
  9. Doesnt load properly, doesnt drop teas, freezes, glitchy, not impressed.
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