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  1. Sometimes when in the bank screen and the inventory is ready to go - the script tries to click on mini map to run out and it cant and keeps trying then it just sleeps for many lines ... fix?!!? thanks
  2. nice one , time to continue botting !
  3. Rarecola


    have a bank card linked to your acc membership play some legit levels ad quests. Ive been going 3 weeks 24-7 on my main EDIT: i got 99 two weeks ago.
  4. get atleast 10 quest points and play some time by hand and reduce your chances of ban today !
  5. This is perfect, last night through my botting I noticed my guy would stand there infront of Mordaut, glad this has been fixed! Thanks
  6. actually working flawless for me great script looking forward to the speed of checking and collecting traps increased, other than that very pleased!
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