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  1. If you can get it to support ourania I would love to test it out. I got 5 proxy servers that I can use so it doesn't look like I'm on all same ip. And with the ourania being so popular nowadays I can see the ban rate being that high
  2. looking to buy a private script that will allow me to use multiple accounts that will run my "main" account pure essences. all i want the script to do is teleport to ourania, run to the bank, use the quick acess, withdraw essences, put them into the pouch, withdraw more, run to the "runecrafter" and trade and then repeat. Also needs to support stamina potions, shift click emptying pouches, and possible eating when low hp. Please pm me if you have anything that i might be intrested in
  3. I will let you know tommorrow. Stopped the bot and didn't get back to it. Loving it though. I want to get to the point of running 5+ of these at a time. At lv 85+smithing. My first acc is at 80 atm
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