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  1. Hi try the Final Calibur (FC) questing bot I used it to get 7 QP, I let it run until it finished, dunno why everyone is getting banned, they must be using another script, this one costs 0.99$ and runs flawlessly, try it out using the trial https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2469-fc-questing-tut-7qp/
  2. If I were you I wouldn't risk it, you'll feel like you earned the 99 str if you don't bot the last level
  3. I'd setup my own gold shop if I was farming, price match or undercut other websites, should get 1$/1.10 easy.
  4. 100m? You guys here are saying you've made 100m in a DAY? Jez, think about it, gold sellers are willing to pay $1 per mil, that's $100 per day, you can quit your job getting that kind of money lol...
  5. Sadly lifetime means lifetime of the script.
  6. I suspect Jagex is using a technique called browser fingerprinting, this means they can give your browser it's own fingerprint/ID even if you change proxies or delete your cookies they will still know it's you. Multiloginapp is free, however they offer a premium version which you don't need, basically it will create a new browser with it's own new fingerprint. This website will show you how easily you can be tracked: https://amiunique.org/fp Ever seen an ad follow you around the internet and wondered how they do it? Browser fingerprinting is your answer.
  7. Hi A simple excuse which Jagex will accept (Just in-case): You banned my brothers account, we use the same internet connection. This is actually most likely the reason why they won't ban your main, because it is a possibility.
  8. Wrong, all you need is a tech geek like myself I'm not a gold farmer so the 'method' isn't worth much to me, but I'd love some in-game gold as a thank you for sharing
  9. Hi PM'ed you with a solution, hoping you will actually pay me, I can assist you if needed.
  10. PM me for a solution P.S. Proxies can be detected with a simple port scan, change the port to something random.
  11. Hi, I'm hoping someone here can tell me how to overcome this issue. Let's just say I have a lot of IRL gp, and don't want to RWT (please no suggestions, I'm adamant about buying bonds instead). I'm trying to buy as many bonds as I possibly can (within reason), however Jagex seems to be implementing some way to prevent this from happening, I bought as many as I could until it started saying transaction declined, however I then bought more membership successfully, I opened a new f2p account and tried buying bonds with my debit card but got the transaction declined error, yet then I tried buying membership and it worked, so Jagex are falsely saying the transaction was declined when in-fact they are declining my attempt to buy bonds. How does Jagex decide who is allowed to buy bonds and who isn't? Has anyone here successfully bought bonds on a F2P account (with their debit/credit card)?
  12. Ok, I used it for a while, here's my thoughts: It won't make a decent profit (250k an hour at least) unless you have at least 10m to start with, and your account must have membership, the problem I don't want to risk putting 50m on account for it just to get banned, there's also the price of the script. IMO, not worth it, I got it working and I decided not profitable/worth it without taking a huge risk and making a huge investment, I was using ge-tracker.com using high volume items, since I only had 2m to use I was getting max 50k an hour (making 2k/4k every 10 minutes, not good). I understand that if I had 50m vs 2m then I would be making much more than 10x what I was, but again I'm not botting on account that has 50$ worth... and to be honest, even if it was making 250k/500k an hour, take into consideration the risk + price of script + comparison of profit when compared to total cash stack is tiny. If anyone can shoot me some tips on how to merch using just 2m/5m to produce a consistent 500k+ an hour please let me know, though I doubt this is possible. My suggestions to improve it: Auto grab ge limits, and auto grab items to merch from ge-tracker.com with a manual option
  13. I swear this thing is annoyed af, for anyone thinking of buying, be prepared for a headache. Edit: Got it working, the AI is pretty impressive, I like how it knows how much gold I have and splits it evenly across items.
  14. Figured it out, had to reset items data, for anyone else stuck on this, go tools (where it says file options etc at the top/title bar) and then reset item data.
  15. Ok I've just realized offer name is just meant to be the name of profile *face palm* still getting null -1 though
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