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  1. TScripts

    Master Flax Spinner! Free & Flawless

    The script was originally working, and was broken when Jagex updated the interfaces. I have been busy and not got round to fixing them. You can see the GitHub pages has those bugs listed as known and will be worked on. When I originally posted this script it was working, so I don't understand how I should act if my script is broken post-release when I have forum posts referring to it, am I expected to edit all posts?
  2. TScripts

    Master Flax Spinner! Free & Flawless

    Noted, this script seemed abandoned and many people were posting all over the forum creating spam so I thought I'd make one. What is your last point referring to? I should fix my software?
  3. TScripts

    Create an incense burner bot for POH's. 

    I could look into to this for you, it'd be public and free. Could you pm me more details / a test account?
  4. Released v1.2 Now works with new interfaces! Also fixed a few bugs: - Logs out when out of flax - No longer gets stuck at lumbridge north staircase - Will logout if lost and cannot tele home
  5. TScripts

    Master Flax Spinner! Free & Flawless

    I think this script is no longer supported. I have written one that I am maintaining, see:
  6. Now available in the Repository Requirements: 10 Crafting Plenty of Flax Features: Updated to work with new interfaces released on 08/03/2018! The fastest flax spinner, uses keyboard for new-style interfaces. Start anywhere Attempts to return to Lumbridge when lost Opens doors if needed Implements Anti-Ban Compliance (ABC2) Known Bugs Spams 3 Can get stuck behind door when spamming 3 Can get stuck if talking to crafting tutor Submit a Suggestion / Bug report
  7. TScripts


    I'm still new to the anti-ban compliance. I believe so. All nodes extend TTask (See source code) which has an Idle method, this calls the ABC2 utility as follows public void idle() { // TODO:: Implement ABC2 if (this.abc_util.shouldCheckTabs()) this.abc_util.checkTabs(); if (this.abc_util.shouldCheckXP()) this.abc_util.checkXP(); if (this.abc_util.shouldExamineEntity()) this.abc_util.examineEntity(); if (this.abc_util.shouldMoveMouse()) this.abc_util.moveMouse(); if (this.abc_util.shouldPickupMouse()) this.abc_util.pickupMouse(); if (this.abc_util.shouldRightClick()) this.abc_util.rightClick(); if (this.abc_util.shouldRotateCamera()) this.abc_util.rotateCamera(); if (this.abc_util.shouldLeaveGame()) this.abc_util.leaveGame(); } This method is called whenever as task is executing that allows idle actions, for example whilst running to a target location, and (most commonly) whilst spinning flax. I would like confirmation that this is the appropriate way to handle the ABC2 utility.
  8. TScripts

    Flax spinning

  9. TScripts


    I have written my first script, a flax spinner that works in Lumbridge. See here TLumbSpinner.jar