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  1. Don't use this script. Got a moderate ban after using for like 6 hours total (across several sessions). Would like a refund if possible since I can't use it after day 3 of owning it.
  2. See the attached inventory pictures: 1) The first picture is the inventory needed to reproduce the game bug. I think it can be done in any inventory which is full which also contains a single fish offcut, and a heavy rod of course. 2) The second picture is immediately after catching the "phantom fish". The experience is earned for the catch, but no fish is given. It said I caught a salmon. 3) The third picture is after fishing again, creating a full inventory again. The bot thinks that the inventory is not full so it will repeatedly click the knife and the fish next to it, but it will never cut because there's no inventory spaces. I saw this happen live when I was watching the bot work the other day. I'm having trouble reproducing it because I'm not sure when the bot is programmed to drop the roe, and I haven't had it happen since I saw it that one time because I immediately turned off cutting after that happened. TBH the easiest solution would probably be to have the bot fish until inventory is full -1, cut all fish, drop all roe obtained (keeping the offcuts), then fish again, etc. That way, it's still self sustaining, you don't run into this issue, and it looks like a real person is playing.
  3. 1) if you have a kitten out, will it drop the pet if you get it? 2) the cutting for barbarian fishing at otto's is a bit odd. why not just drop all of the roe you get immediately after cutting a full inv? instead, it will continually fish with 1 space, then drop a fish, then cut, then fish 1, then drop a fish, then cut, then fish 1...then it finally decides to drop all of the roe at some point. Any chance this could be modified to simply drop all of the roe after cutting a full inv? 3) In relation to #2, and probably way more importantly, the other thing I noticed is that if you have no inventory spaces and you have 1 fish offcut, for whatever reason - maybe it's a bug in the game - you don't actually get a fish and the offcut goes away. Then, the bot catches another fish. The bot then doesn't realize it doesn't have any inventory spaces and will continually try to cut, but can't because there's no inventory space. It's rare that it happens, but if the methodology was changed to #2 above it wouldn't have any chance of occurring. This could go on for a long time and would probably get someone banned. Other than that - it works really great- thanks!
  4. When fly fishing at Seers and banking, it opens the real estate agent house door every time when walking back to fish for whatever reason. It's weird.
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