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  1. Finafuckingly... http://gyazo.com/ac0fde0e2c477fd42adf2c288fd5a9a2 http://gyazo.com/d2e3f1fa7305067c61d9760954c625f8
  2. It picks up phats as NPC's, which means when they're on the floor without a red dot when they are spawned. The bot is perfectly fine. Anyway, guys, I need opinions. I want a phat set cause they're sexy as hell, and I have a 40.5m cash stack right now with a phat set, and an extra white, 2 extra reds, and 2 extra yellows. Do you guys think I should keep 1 set and sell the extras? Or sell them all? Because idk wtf is going on since the prices are rising and everybody is saying they're going to crash. Should I keep for now until like, November, right before Christmas?
  3. I'm so tight that it missed a phat for the first time :\ It was only in 10 minutes that it ran and it found one and I was 4 minutes late. I REALLY think that Word should make it so that it says what world it's logged in to at the bottom when it says "rare is nearby" in the chat so if you come back and see that there was a rare but there are none in the inventory, you can just login to that world manually.
  4. Just my luck. I've been dry for a while now, and I FINALLY find one in 10 minutes, but I was away. [11:31:41] Rare Hunter v1.61: Login Bot succeeded. [11:41:18] Rare Hunter v1.61: Rare is nearby, but not on the screen! [11:41:21] Rare Hunter v1.61: Rare is nearby, but not on the screen! At 11:44 I looked and I was on another world already hopping and I saw that there was a phat that it missed. No phats in inventory. Kinda mad
  5. http://gyazo.com/3e679a7eca05c2a89894a2c0c1dab83d http://gyazo.com/108caf163975e73be8ba2d70451f4735 Another purple. EDIT: I WISH I knew about this website and had this bot for when masks were out. I'd be LOADED. I already made like 23m off of phats.
  6. Well I only have 23.5m cash, and I'm a low level. I have a mask set and just found a white. Should I sell the white and continue selling all the phats I find up until the 14th, then buy them all when they're low? What's your opinion
  7. Are you still selling yours at this point? Cause phats are sexy, and I'm still finding them. Idk if I should just keep selling until the 14th, THEN buy the phats I need then? Idk haha OT: I found another white in 30 minutes http://gyazo.com/b0da52197e32babafcbcd3fc86d92c6d http://gyazo.com/61094a43616335c9577b7bd9a0d9059c
  8. Should I still sell the phats? Do you think they'll go any lower? I found green and purple. Last night greens were 1.5 and purples were 1.3, now green is 1m and purple is 900k
  9. Wow that's retarded lol. I see that you're one of the people that got a shitload of rares. I wish I knew how you did it haha. How many accounts do you have running? And do you guys recommend me botting 2 accounts in the same location?
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