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  1. Is anyone having issues using Plank Make? It seems like the script is constantly getting stuck due to casting the spell too quickly (it tires to cast the spell before the last cast is finished). I can't get more than 1-2 inventories done before the script gets stuck moving the mouse back and forth between the skills tab and the inventory tab while having the spell selected. I've restarted the client and playing in fixed mode but I'm still seeing this issue.
  2. Bought this script and blackjacking isn't working very well. Bot accidentally engages in combat too often and can't properly lure bandits (bot will sporadically run around the map). I also just received a temp 2-day ban on my main of 5+ years, but I can't say that this script was the reason as I was using others but just baby sitting the script for a bit, it looks very bot-like and I was likely manually reported from other players who were also blackhacking. I'd like a refund if possible.
  3. I'm running the script right now and it's flicking rapid heal just fine. Try restarting your client
  4. Just wanted to say that everything looks good again
  5. Not sure what's going on with the script, but it hasn't been working like usual today. The script has a hard time clicking actions. Like it's hovering close to what it's supposed to click but keeps missing. Like when attempting to fight a barrows brother in the tunnel, it will keep clicking very close to him but never on him. When trying to tele out after looting the chest, it will hover over to the tele options but never tele. A bunch of other small things like forgetting to turn prayer on, eating late, etc. that I've never seen before. Script ran flawlessly last night, not sure what the problem may be. I'm running on fixed, deleted hooks, restarted the client 3 times and still seeing these problems after 5ish runs.
  6. I'm actually encountering the last two problems mentioned in this post once in a while. I was watching the bot and it got stuck behind a door in the tunnel with auto-retal turned off and I had to manually intervene before it died. HP dropped to below 20 (I had it set to eat at below 59 HP) with a full inventory of food. All I did was manually move the camera angle and the bot was able to start working again (it started running through the tunnels and eating). Is this something related to starting the bot at a certain camera angle? I'm fully zoomed out and using fixed screen. I've only run into this issue maybe 5-6 times in 500+ runs.
  7. Also I don't know if this has been fixed but I noticed that every time my character died, it looks like it was probably trying to get the KC but had auto-retal turned off since all the barrows brothers were done and my stats/gear/inventory/settings are pretty good to have died. I'll have to babysit it next time to be sure but just wondering.
  8. Is there a certain respawn location the script needs to be set to to begin deathwalking? I noticed that I died a few times and when I checked my character it would would always just be standing in the Falador respawn location for hours logging in and out and not attempting to go to the bank.
  9. Just wanted to stop by and say that this script is absolutely amazing and I can't believe it's free. Been using this script for a little over a week and averaging 10+ hours a day with no issues. Keep up the amazing work Naton!
  10. Everything is working perfectly now thanks! Quick side question, I noticed that when I had runes set up for casting Fire Wave, the script would say something like "missing trident...". Does the script only allow you to use the trident for magic if your magic level is 75 or higher?
  11. [15:38:25] GET: http://webwalker.dax.cloud/web?x1=3386&y1=3159&z1=0&x2=3369&y2=3170&z2=0&playerInfo={"skills"%3A{"AGILITY"%3A59%2C"PRAYER"%3A70%2C"RANGED"%3A80%2C"FIREMAKING"%3A60%2C"WOODCUTTING"%3A61%2C"HITPOINTS"%3A86%2C"STRENGTH"%3A91%2C"FARMING"%3A59%2C"SMITHING"%3A50%2C"FLETCHING"%3A85%2C"SLAYER"%3A60%2C"HUNTER"%3A45%2C"DEFENCE"%3A75%2C"FISHING"%3A53%2C"THIEVING"%3A50%2C"MAGIC"%3A75%2C"COOKING"%3A88%2C"HERBLORE"%3A60%2C"CONSTRUCTION"%3A50%2C"CRAFTING"%3A61%2C"ATTACK"%3A80%2C"MINING"%3A58%2C"RUNECRAFTING"%3A42}%2C"equipItems"%3A{"12002"%3A1%2C"12899"%3A1%2C"7459"%3A1%2C"11875"%3A1989%2C"4868"%3A1%2C"2552"%3A1%2C"11865"%3A1%2C"89"%3A1%2C"6570"%3A1%2C"4874"%3A1%2C"12831"%3A1}%2C"settings"%3A{"896"%3A0%2C"131"%3A0%2C"68"%3A16%2C"964"%3A0%2C"71"%3A4%2C"10"%3A0%2C"11"%3A5%2C"655"%3A0%2C"399"%3A0%2C"335"%3A0%2C"144"%3A100%2C"273"%3A110%2C"145"%3A0%2C"17"%3A14%2C"150"%3A160%2C"794"%3A0%2C"347"%3A10%2C"671"%3A0%2C"5087"%3A0%2C"32"%3A3%2C"5088"%3A0%2C"5089"%3A0%2C"482"%3A16777216%2C"5090"%3A0%2C"869"%3A0%2C"165"%3A30%2C"425"%3A9%2C"810"%3A33554432%2C"299"%3A0%2C"365"%3A10%2C"622"%3A0%2C"302"%3A61%2C"111"%3A9%2C"176"%3A10%2C"179"%3A21%2C"307"%3A110%2C"116"%3A15%2C"440"%3A0%2C"314"%3A0%2C"63"%3A6}%2C"inventoryItems"%3A{"9185"%3A1%2C"385"%3A10%2C"995"%3A2378%2C"4740"%3A38%2C"3018"%3A1%2C"12492"%3A1%2C"19629"%3A94%2C"12494"%3A1%2C"558"%3A2338%2C"3024"%3A1%2C"560"%3A217%2C"562"%3A889%2C"565"%3A80%2C"952"%3A1%2C"11770"%3A1}%2C"isMember"%3Atrue%2C"combatLevel"%3A104}&apiKey=c23faab9-f0d2-4671-b3fc-93b4278a0bb0&token=KEnUb81lN5%2F43Ry3dcm9%2Fw%3D%3D [15:38:25] java.io.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL: http://webwalker.dax.cloud/web?x1=3386&y1=3159&z1=0&x2=3369&y2=3170&z2=0&playerInfo={"skills"%3A{"AGILITY"%3A59%2C"PRAYER"%3A70%2C"RANGED"%3A80%2C"FIREMAKING"%3A60%2C"WOODCUTTING"%3A61%2C"HITPOINTS"%3A86%2C"STRENGTH"%3A91%2C"FARMING"%3A59%2C"SMITHING"%3A50%2C"FLETCHING"%3A85%2C"SLAYER"%3A60%2C"HUNTER"%3A45%2C"DEFENCE"%3A75%2C"FISHING"%3A53%2C"THIEVING"%3A50%2C"MAGIC"%3A75%2C"COOKING"%3A88%2C"HERBLORE"%3A60%2C"CONSTRUCTION"%3A50%2C"CRAFTING"%3A61%2C"ATTACK"%3A80%2C"MINING"%3A58%2C"RUNECRAFTING"%3A42}%2C"equipItems"%3A{"12002"%3A1%2C"12899"%3A1%2C"7459"%3A1%2C"11875"%3A1989%2C"4868"%3A1%2C"2552"%3A1%2C"11865"%3A1%2C"89"%3A1%2C"6570"%3A1%2C"4874"%3A1%2C"12831"%3A1}%2C"settings"%3A{"896"%3A0%2C"131"%3A0%2C"68"%3A16%2C"964"%3A0%2C"71"%3A4%2C"10"%3A0%2C"11"%3A5%2C"655"%3A0%2C"399"%3A0%2C"335"%3A0%2C"144"%3A100%2C"273"%3A110%2C"145"%3A0%2C"17"%3A14%2C"150"%3A160%2C"794"%3A0%2C"347"%3A10%2C"671"%3A0%2C"5087"%3A0%2C"32"%3A3%2C"5088"%3A0%2C"5089"%3A0%2C"482"%3A16777216%2C"5090"%3A0%2C"869"%3A0%2C"165"%3A30%2C"425"%3A9%2C"810"%3A33554432%2C"299"%3A0%2C"365"%3A10%2C"622"%3A0%2C"302"%3A61%2C"111"%3A9%2C"176"%3A10%2C"179"%3A21%2C"307"%3A110%2C"116"%3A15%2C"440"%3A0%2C"314"%3A0%2C"63"%3A6}%2C"inventoryItems"%3A{"9185"%3A1%2C"385"%3A10%2C"995"%3A2378%2C"4740"%3A38%2C"3018"%3A1%2C"12492"%3A1%2C"19629"%3A94%2C"12494"%3A1%2C"558"%3A2338%2C"3024"%3A1%2C"560"%3A217%2C"562"%3A889%2C"565"%3A80%2C"952"%3A1%2C"11770"%3A1}%2C"isMember"%3Atrue%2C"combatLevel"%3A104}&apiKey=c23faab9-f0d2-4671-b3fc-93b4278a0bb0&token=KEnUb81lN5%2F43Ry3dcm9%2Fw%3D%3D [15:38:25] at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream0(Unknown Source) [15:38:25] at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.access$200(Unknown Source) [15:38:25] at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection$9.run(Unknown Source) [15:38:25] at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection$9.run(Unknown Source) [15:38:25] at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) [15:38:25] at java.security.AccessController.doPrivilegedWithCombiner(Unknown Source) [15:38:25] at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source) [15:38:25] at scripts.webwalker_logic.o.d(WebPathCore.java:103) [15:38:25] at scripts.webwalker_logic.o.d(WebPathCore.java:81) [15:38:25] at scripts.webwalker_logic.o.d(WebPathCore.java:46) [15:38:25] at scripts.webwalker_logic.g.d(WebPath.java:48) [15:38:25] at scripts.webwalker_logic.g.d(WebPath.java:18) [15:38:25] at scripts.webwalker_logic.v.d(WebWalker.java:127) [15:38:25] at scripts.webwalker_logic.v.d(WebWalker.java:111) [15:38:25] at scripts.barrows_rewrite.c.h.d(WalkToBank.java:52) [15:38:25] at scripts.barrows_rewrite.Barrows.run(Barrows.java:109) [15:38:25] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [15:38:25] Response: UNKNOWN [[ERROR] null]
  12. Is this currently working for anyone? Looks like something is wrong with the webwalker.
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