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  1. I have no idea what your'e talking about
  2. are you being serious or are you joking with me I can't tell anymore
  3. delete everything from where sorry?
  4. yeah.. it's totally still doing it lol
  5. oh okay, thanks. I will let you know if it continues ... shout out to you
  6. Hey, I'm using Optimus for experiments, and my script has always worked there, but now sometimes I catch my character not moving for hours or attacking anything, he just does it the first 45 min - hour and then stands still. I do not have my fight tile set to 0,0 and all other settings are fine because I've used this script hundreds of times. this is the message I get
  7. fluffew

    Is tribot down?

    damn bro it worked thanks
  8. fluffew

    Is tribot down?

    and just tried with runelite, doesn't work
  9. fluffew

    Is tribot down?

    is runelite safe? never used that
  10. yup having the problem now I went to tribot folder > dependencies > and deleted everything but still getting the same screen.
  11. fluffew

    Is tribot down?

    after I click on looking glass, it just stays on this black screen. This just started happening, I was able to use tribot with no problem until now.
  12. and I paid twice, it even told me it wasn't going to process the payment
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