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  1. i broke my laptop so i tried to download tribot on to my girlfriends macbook pro. well when i tried to launch it it says. java exe. (java null) error occurred during initialization of VM java/lang/unsopportedClassVersionError: java/lang/class unsupported major.minor version 51.0 anyone know what to do?
  2. wont let me copy and paste my mouse data Xmouse_data-43382-1421741545733.dat
  3. Tried to set it up for ankous under barb village at security stronghold it failed to teleport so I manually did it and it failed to get back Also in the looting sections can you set up a tab for bank when inventory is full of loot? Because I am killing cows on a new acc I made so no food no potions nothing and it can't bank and I don't want to use another script I love this script
  4. so i downloaded the latest version of java, and downloaded the latest version of tribot loader. having trouble on this laptop. it says java exe:java (null) we were unable to boot tribot. error message: null
  5. Has some issues when doing cut and string: it will pull out now strings multiple times and deposit inventory into the bank several times before pulling out yew longbow(u) then now strings. Script seems to have multiple issues getting stuck under the Varrock West Bank. Down stairs. Aswell as getting stuck in the quick deposit box. Once it's stuck inside the deposit box it just right clicks yew longbow(u) and drags mouse off screen and then clicks and does it again.
  6. this script has to much random clicking when the trees right next to my account, it would be chopping a tree then just start random clicking as if the tree disappeared. can you set up some preset location too? like cammy and seers village yews?maples and willows? because setting up the location for there makes the account look very bot like. i might not know how to use this script fully then. but some pre set locations would be nice,
  7. so im looking to pay someone to provide me a service on 2-4 accounts that need to have 35 smithing, have completed the dwarf cannon quest, and have access to port phat. all from scratch. pm me if interested.
  8. anyone tell me where i can set this up for atleast 60k+ xp hr?melee, going for 75 def for , currently im 71. need 4 more lvls. i bought this script months ago and have barely used it.
  9. i was thinking of posting something similar to this, but was thinking about 10 bots-15 bots.. can someone pm me a list of items plz that would be needed, and dont just say motherboard, graphics card. if you pm me the message do it somewhat like this graphics card:(name of item) motherboard(name of item) cooler(name of cooler) ram(how much ram) memory(how much 1tb?) cpu(what kind of cpu) im not really knowledged in all of this, but i know someone who can build computers, and if i take the items to him he can build it, or a list and money he can build it.
  10. also considering i make the accounts, and pay someone for their service to have the accounts these abilities. also considering i make the accounts, and pay someone for their service to have the accounts these abilities. also considering i make the accounts, and pay someone for their service to have the accounts these abilities.
  11. so what should i set my pot offset at please someone tell me for super sets and for regular pots/. i dot want to waste them but i want max xp an hr
  12. for max xp an hour training defence, using super pots, at 70 attk 74 str 66 def what should i set my pot offset at? and the scripts kind of buggy right now using dds as a spec weapon. itll switch back and forth between whip and dds several times before even using the special attack
  13. yeah thats a swell idea!! i was thinking along the lines of say task1:make 5k steel bars break for desired amount of time task 2:make 20k cannonballs break for desired amount of time. so it would implement a break in between each task aswell. i like the hybrid way to make cannonballs, but idk why i still like to do it the old way where id make all my steel bars then my cannonballs it just seems faster to me. idk if it is. but a task gui would be sick! and weveryone would be buying your script. ever since i started going to port phat seems like theres a lot more people going there now. soon its going to be a obvious place...
  14. Is there anyway you can update something to where we can open the GUI and switch task while the bots still running? And like when we switch the task it finishes the one its currently Doing. Like I'll open the GUI smithing steel bars and the script will be on it's way to smith them and I finish the task change and it doesn't bank right away it waits till it's done smithing?
  15. at port phat, i had some recent problems. seemed to be ok after clearing cached clients. but i would choose to make steel bars, and the script would log out my account saying out of iron ore. then i would choose to make cannonballs with steel bars, and it would log out. and then i would choose to my cannonballs by making bars then making cballs and it would say out of iron ore. right now one of my accounts was fine, and it was only having problems with my main account. so i have him just making steel bars, like i said seems to be a little better after clearing cached clients.
  16. got something for ya!! nevermind i guess i cant use tinypic..nor phptobucket if i cant use tinypic or photobucket how do i upload images since i cant do it from my computer <a href="http://s1239.photobucket.com/user/morningshroom/media/alphasmith.png.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff518/morningshroom/alphasmith.png" border="0" alt=" photo alphasmith.png"/></a> well with this picture i am showing two of my accounts making cannonballs using the makesteelbars then cannonball method. boh of them are 64 smithing working on 65. i have my accounts take breaks oftenly. so thats why the xp/prof per hr might not be as high as everyone thinks it should be, but i know im profiting thank you alpha
  17. so i bought a proxy, think i might have logged my farm acc on my regular ip and not my proxy ip on accident..welll that account got banned last night perm..after having it for 4 days. i was botting ows first to get my stats up, day one. day two i went to edgeville man(tris script). day 3 i changed to runecrafting i got stuck at earth alter. day 4 i went back to edgevillle man fighter. and got banned there. should i just use my premium scripts only?? on my main and my pure account. tris fire giant sript seems good, butnon my pure pk account, i was botting fire giants, and when it was trying to eat a shark it was clicking the shark and nothing was happening and then my ring of life saved me and my acount got connection lost. i logged back in(good thing i was baby sitting) becuase i think jagex was trying to ban me. should i cool it down for a couple days? or what
  18. i remember looking through the repository one day and seeing something that said, somewhere along these words... this script will guess the next hit(damage) done upon you. so like if your pking and you turn on this script, it would be able to guess what your opponent is going to hit next on you. i can't seem to find it now..
  19. thank god theres a crafting script..now i can craft my amulets cheaper...just gotta find a good one to enchant them, no script seems to work on enchanting. i bought the 8 dollar version i can't remember how many auths and how long it lasted for, was it 1 auth 30 days? how do i get a lifetime auth cuz i know i haev your abyss script and i was never dis-satisfied.
  20. just play at times someone your age would(your runescape account is a certain age, you had to enter one when making the account: set breaks at reasonable and lengthy times. 4 hours of play time hour and half break then play again for 5 hours and 45 minutes break for 45 minutes play again. but the account need atleast 8-10 hours of total break time a day.
  21. does this make uncharged air orbs or you have to buy uncharged and it does the rest
  22. Can I use this script to smelt all my steel bars(5k) then make a desired amount of arrow heads, then switch to cannonballs once my steel arrow heads are done it will switch to cannonballs(when steel arrow heads are finished), and possibly set a break in between then.
  23. So it wouldn't really help much pking or staking then?