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  1. hey man so im back here again, it steadily gets stuck on looking for coal atleast 1 time per bot session for me, is there any way to add some sort of ssafety next when its not gaining xp for x mins? ive already tried disabling all runelite plugins and still it gets stuck. and usually all it needs to get unstuck is reopening bank. stayed looking for coal and not gaining xp for about an hour and a half for me today
  2. so i've tried absolutely every fix around the forums, ive tried every jdk from 101 to 181, have deleted jagex cache's, have reinstalled tribot and runelite and osbuddy and no matter what i do the damn thing wont hook. it was working fine up until yesterday i've never had an issue and yet nothing can fix it, the screen remains black please help me out double edit:someone suggested delete my temp folder in appdata and that finally did it for me SOLVED
  3. if anyone finds a fix can you please quote me
  4. tried it with the 191 and now it doesnt even hook into the black screen just tells me client is not 32 bit(it is)
  5. i turned it off along with basically all plugins just to test it but still didnt work, im trying the 191 right now.
  6. same thing got a black screen on runelite running 102 jdk, reinstalled atleast 4 different versions and its still broken
  7. i mean if you've actually seen it in action. i know the game is repetitive, but its very very bot like. its not taking the fastest route, its clicking two squares away from the previous step its not like its taking the fastest route, i was chopping maples and in between the bank and the maples it must've clicked 9-13 times on the mini map when it would take me 3-4 clicks max. im just saying take another look, i ran the bot for over an hr and it was each and every single time, the same process
  8. have you taken a look at the code for woodcutting guild? always takes the same steps and never switches it up.its very very botlike, always follows the exact same route.
  9. the script isnt using absorbs or overloads.. sometimes it uses just the absorb pots, and not the overloads, other times it uses the overloads but doesnt repot on the absorbs. @erickhoe123
  10. ive got the same issue as the guy up there with the looking for coal and it picking up mouse in a loop; ive tried deleting hooks dat and restarting twice to no avail.
  11. has this been added yet? and also ive saw you say that the script is randomized but every time ive ran this in the woodcutting guild it follows the same pattern of chopping down the tree closest to the bank,which nobody uses and then moves into the main section where the 4 trees are. is there an option to pick out a specific path or to select/deselect certain trees? im not a fan of the path it takes in the guild
  12. what gyrate said, keep this one or atleast put it on the back burner til the heat dies down a bit. start a new acc on a proxy and start a new journey like swampletics
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