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  1. to write the code and test it extensively you might have to give these guys more then that time. there is a fix for now use that in the meanwhile tbh. these guys also have lives to live
  2. had it running a few days ago, was having issues finding next tree and would move the camera in weird angles, click in front of a tree and wouldn't actually chop (seers village north)
  3. go into C:\ and delete the original runescape you have installed on the computer and reinstall it i had a similar issue
  4. i've had the experience of bond= perm and cc or subscription= 2 day
  5. bot tries to unnote at phials and clicks 3 different options continuously and just sits there(hooks dat were cleared too)
  6. 2 posts new acc probably trying to get someone else banned lol
  7. it is indeed working on waterfox or palemoon right now
  8. yeah i got it, i had not restarted the browser after that it loaded up fine
  9. how did you get it working? i load the page and it tells me to install runescape to start playing(already installed)
  10. looking glass is down for everyone right now its not about your monitor
  11. We should get an official statement from trilez or someone from the mod team it’s not fair that scripters are the ones that have to do damage control (unless that’s what they want to do of course )
  12. the deceptiveness of this is real, im pretty sure most people that purchase the vip e do so for the LG, to remove that from the fine print like it wasnt even offered is just shady
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