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  1. this script always runs good for me for about an hr or so before getting hit with this message [15:20:11] java.lang.NullPointerException [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.util.k.D(LegitMouse.java:66) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.util.k.D(LegitMouse.java:44) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.x.x.w.k.D(CutTree.java:277) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.x.x.w.k.D(CutTree.java:68) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.EinsteinsWoodcutter.J(EinsteinsWoodcutter.java:189) [15:20:11] at scripts.einsteinswoodcutter.EinsteinsWoodcutter.run(EinsteinsWoodcutter.java:111) [15:20:11] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [15:20:11] Thank you for running Einstein's Woodcutter! [15:20:15] Script Ended: Einstein's Woodcutter. yes i have deleted hooks.dat and java and os are up to date
  2. ayy you the best!
  3. has to be too much botting; ive gotten one acc to 75m total fm xp; just hit 99 in another and theyre fine
  4. youre a goddamn lifesaver bro!
  5. how do you do this?it isnt a .rar extrension its a .zip extension. ive seen no way of working with osbuddy i just use palemoon still
  6. Left it running was working fine for like 20 mins making oak planks and I come back 3 hrs later it’s moved just north and is stuck there doing nothing still logged in
  7. in motherload theres an option to use upstairs floor, you enable that
  8. got like 80 chests yesterday no problem. today though the bot stopped getting the rewards potential to 88% and averaged like 100k in an hr as far as profit instead of 450k yesterday
  9. same as the guy above @Netami it says that it failed to dig in and it stops only happens with dh
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