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  1. I am a trusted reseller and have bought over 50m on tribot. Check my vouch's here https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15443-%E2%98%85-defence-buying-gold-shop-%E2%98%85-265-mill-%E2%98%85-mbppmpwu-%E2%98%85-official-gold-reseller-%E2%98%85/ I will not be going first add my skype - DefenceTB
  2. Back and selling been away for the weekend! Sorry for the Inconvience
  3. The randoms that don't work. Instead of just standing in the random waiting, why don't you just make it so the randoms that haven't been updated or added just log out when it happens. This stops a lot of bans and would really help everyone
  4. this is very true