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  1. Could this woodcutt and bank in gnome stronghold?
  2. @ITryNotToTroll The only thing missing from this is being bale to pickpocket Knights of Ardougne
  3. Any ETA? The no GUI thing doesn't bother me, only that atm, while thieving an npc, it won't start on its own and whenever it fails and gets stunned, it won't start thieving them again.
  4. @erickho123Hey Erick, any chance of making the Telekinetic Room work at maximum efficiency? And by that I mean using just the corners to switch sides and not lining up specifically with the line it wants to telegrab on? EDIT: Enchantment room tries to log in to deadman worlds and worlds that I don't have the total level for, and it wastes some time realizing nothing happens and then hops to another world. ALSO, it would be more efficient for enchantment to leave a portal a then hop, so it doesn't respawn at the entrance of the MTA.
  5. Sweet, let us know when there's an update!
  6. Any news on this? Is it stable?
  7. The good ol' days with this script, sad to see the high ban rates now
  8. Some types of farms are made to be replaceable, like F2p woodcutters. It doesn't matter if they get banned, you could probably ask @Final Calibur
  9. It will host guthan games, and it would also buy it's own dreams if it's a guthan host with stats.
  10. All of my green dragon accounts that got banned did not belong to me, I've submitted a unban request and if it works, I will be instantly buying this script!
  11. 16 accounts submitted. Tracked down their original owners
  12. 3 accounts banned at Green drags All 3 accounts on the list, what a fucking faggot.
  13. Bi-weekly unlimited auths woulda been shweeet