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  1. Hi guys, If anyone is interested in BM i have roughly about 1.2M and about 50+dh sets for sale as well as Pkhonor tics on my other post. If your interested shoot me a friend request on Skype and il get back with you Asap and make your purchase smooth as possible. 100k= $1.50 1M Osgp= 100kBM Skype- [email protected] Thank you, Austin
  2. ive sold about 120b so far for .75 no complaints.. this isnt the only site man
  3. pkhonorboy

    Pkhonor Gold

    Hi guys i'm fairly new to this site but i'm reaching out in order to sell my pkhonor gold. I have a decent bank on there, roughly - update- 355b in tickets and about 100b in items (whips sets etc). Id rather not see it all go to waste because im planning on never returning to pkhonor and sticking with OSRS. Im not to sure with the market via pkhonor currency but i figured id give it a go! Please only serious buyers im not looking for a hassle and ill do my best for a smooth exchange as well! Please add me on skype and ill get back with you asap. Will accept Paypal, Venmo, google wallet or osgp. 1B= $0.40 1M Osgp= 3B 20B min (Bulk purchases im sure ill cut you a nice discount) Skype- [email protected] Thanks! -Austin
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