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  1. Even if it doesnt, it would be a welcome addition, even without banking I believe X marks the crabs spot and the closest bank is in Port Phasmatys
  2. Swamp crabs have 75HP, still 1 max hit, but they have -55 range defense, while sand crabs have a 0 range defense and 60HP.
  3. They're right, no one that is truly succesfull will share the secret
  4. Imma get myself some LEDs and do a twerk video. Prepare for some hairy ass
  5. I'd like to buy 5 if you want to go first.
  6. Just accept all, that's all you can do. Once you have accepted all you can copy your firewall config to another VPS
  7. If your budget is that high you should get much better parts. For that budget I'd get a nice 4K IPS display. I'm also in computer science and my i5 is more than fine, but I'll throw some parts at you.. i7 6700k Noctua NH-D15 for cooling if you're overclocking. If not you can get a cheaper cooler. If you want water cooling go for it, but I prefer silence over the loud pumps on some units 16gb of 2667mhz DDR4 512gb ssd + 2tb hdd 550w PSU (get a quality one from Seasonic! dont get a cheap one!!!) GTX 1070 I really like the Fractal Design cases, but it's your choice
  8. Is there a way it can hover over the next rock? And is there a option to make it faster overall?
  9. I didnt bot tut island and just got all my accounts locked from "fresh" proxies bought here in the forum.
  10. that's a VPS, they're not the same thing Just google dedicated server, you'll get tons of results
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