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  1. Even if it doesnt, it would be a welcome addition, even without banking I believe X marks the crabs spot and the closest bank is in Port Phasmatys
  2. Swamp crabs have 75HP, still 1 max hit, but they have -55 range defense, while sand crabs have a 0 range defense and 60HP.
  3. Tabinhu

    GoldFarming Biz

    They're right, no one that is truly succesfull will share the secret
  4. Tabinhu

    How can i fix this

  5. Tabinhu

    How can i fix this

    Just accept all, that's all you can do. Once you have accepted all you can copy your firewall config to another VPS
  6. Is there a way it can hover over the next rock? And is there a option to make it faster overall?
  7. I didnt bot tut island and just got all my accounts locked from "fresh" proxies bought here in the forum.
  8. Tabinhu

    Taking REQUESTS for a free bot

    A hunting script is pretty much needed, it's not that hard and it's pretty popular. Another option would be a ring maker (brings bars to furnace with mold, makes ring, then enchants them)
  9. According to my malware in Weaths computer it's 235143879213.51312% more likely.
  10. Tabinhu

    i always seem to run out of heap space

    Your script is probably not very good written and runs out of heap space. Check your code and make sure you arent allocating space to an object infinite times or something like that
  11. Tabinhu

    Script Queue Help

    No, but I believe you can use arguments if the script supports it.