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  1. for some reason everytime i enable looking glass on this bot, after awhile it just stops and just stand there and does NOTHING! this is really getting annoying!! Additonally all my five fishing accounts got banned using this really annoying!
  2. Not sure how this works - i tired everything at one point it was lookin up the item i wanted it to buy buy then ended up entering a value higher then the normal price which then i had to stop it. other then that it just says uploading data but then nothing happens or it would look up the item and then say closing overview or something like that. Please help.
  3. whats the break handle times do you suggest i use while botting - i normally put a break after 1 hour and 20 minutes for like 10-12 mintes - whats your suggestion?
  4. if i recover them, should i still bot on them or would they be flagged becuase why would they just lock the account out of no where - doesn't really make sense unless they have some sort of idea that the person making the account had already been botting on other accounts.
  5. how so? for example, when my 5 accounts got banned within the 3 day period i changed the IP's before i made the new accounts - so my new accounts were under a new IP/Proxy therefore it weren't licked.
  6. Hi, So i made about 5 accounts all at various times/weeks and was doing fishing and was trying to get to 82 fishing on them. one got to 85 and the rest was on 70s and then all of a sudden the 85 fisher account got banned and one other account got banned - so i thought i might have botted too much on them accounts (which i normally did) - and then following the next day the other account got banned and then the following day the other one also got banned. While this was happening i was making new accounts and everytime i made them after going past tutorial island and logging off for a bit i'd come back to see that these account have been locked and that it was saying to recover them (obviously im not going to recover them as they are usless level 3 accounts) Bare in mind, i had used proxies for each different account so therefore there was no way they knew it was all done from one laptop. additionally, after my 5 accounts got banned i done some reserach and then i found that it might have been becuase of my OSRS cache so i went on and deleted them and just made another account and looks like they locked that account aswell. I used Auto Fisher Pro to bot Not sure how Jagex seems to know its really annoying! and NO i did not bot the tutorial island and while i made the new accounts i done the first few skills manually ie wc to 15-20 and FM to 15-20. When i used to use RuneMate (botting service) to level up my fishing (for my first account the one that reached 85) there was no problem i used that platform untill 82 fishing on that account and then switched to Tribot as it had better bots for what i wanted to do with my farm - Therefore, im thinking it might have been due to Tribot or something in the system that automatically detects these accounts. If anyone else has experienced this and some how knows a solution please let me know.
  7. i tired out the 1 hour trial for this - i went to varrock and started it to cut oak - however it just stood there. Doesn't really give an option of West varrock or East varrock to cut the oak. Yes i can custom it but im not really good with the coordinating the locations. In addition, there is no option to cut oak at lummy - i would really really really appreciate it if the author of this script could add the tree at lummy castle on the south side and the banking for it (inside the castle).
  8. Okay so should I delete java 9.0.4 (64-bit)and also 'java(TM) SE Development kit 9.0.4 (64-bit)' and leave 'jave 8 update 161
  9. Hi, my 2 day VIP trial ended so the client wasn't allowing me to use proxies or open more then one account - so i decided to buy the VIP. I bought it and then started the client - it was saying the same thing that i don't have the VIP extended to open proxies and etc - so i thought let me delete java and tribot and re-download them so that its refreshed. I downloaded 'jave 8 update 161' also have 'java 9.0.4 (64-bit)' and also 'java(TM) SE Development kit 9.0.4 (64-bit)' Every time i try to open the tribot client the erra comes saying i need java 7._0_25 or higher to run Tribot and then directs me to the Oracle site which shows the java SE 9.0.4 - which i have downloaded. Please help me out becuase this isn't fair since i bought the VIP package as instructed and now i have to deal with all this !
  10. yea they were HTTP port i figured out - got SOCKS and they are working now thanks
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