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  1. What the hell, was just PERM banned.. I thought you got WARNINGS before getting perm banned?? Guess it is my fault for the weird way that I used this.
  2. Can I start this script anywhere? Also I'm having a hard time finding where to buy these supplies.. Unpowered orbs Antipoison(4) (If not using air orbs) Your food Cosmic runes Valid means to teleport (House tabs, house runes, or glory)
  3. Working great for me even though I'm using it in the wrong way.. XD
  4. Will pay $ for someone to help me get this script going. I never used this method. I have have almost 60 magic and will be done soon.
  5. After reading much guides I found your right, but that takes even more effort.. I found that killing cows is the best bet for me, the bot doesn't stop for some reason for cows? (even though they hurt me? -- don't patch this is it is an error, it is working very good for me!) But I ran it 12 hours now and gained 10 levels from 40 to 50 7K exp/hr Good enough for me I just want lvl 60
  6. Can someone explain to a noob how this works? Right now I have the bot set on Women but it is killing them all, I thought it wasn't suppose to kill? I have nothing on but the orb.. Also I keep getting the script stopped because it says it is in combat..
  7. I've checked here and nothing.. any specific server?>
  8. What do I do? I can't seem to find any solution.
  9. I played awhile back and the spot to trade at was varrock I think on a certain server. You had loads of bots standing around as well making trades easy. Where is the spot to be now? Or did this game die THAT much in 2 years?
  10. I would donate to someone who can help me get what I need to lvl up my guy and with the items, I forget the best ways to buy things you need like that dueling teleport one.
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