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  1. i have vip-e, the problem is with hooking to the client. I just get a black screen.
  2. Hi, So basically I have tried to get looking glass to work and the best I can get to is a black screen with osbuddy. I have tried with both windows and mac to no avail. Can somebody shed some light as to why it isn't working. Kind regards, Tt
  3. does this script support barrows teleport rather than using teletab
  4. hello good people, gained in excess of 30m training at ardy knight. Bot is absolutely flawless 10/10. I do, however, have a slight qualm. Recently the bot hasn't been thieving properly and runs from the house north east of ardougne to the house north then back again continually. For some reason the bot is detecting the knight in the northernmost house and running backwards and forwards instead of hopping. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and i hope this problem will be rectified soon. kind regards, a friendly neighbourhood spider
  5. okay update on my above comment. By changing to fullscreen/ fit to screen mode i was able to get the bot to stop rotating the camera. Now with hardy knights im seeing that the pickpocketing still isnt fully efficient. For example per lunge in of the player, only one xp drop vs the two drops that should be achieved.
  6. for addy knights, the pickpocketing isnt tick perfect. also post pickpocketing the bot seems to jig the camera a bit and the cursor goes orange. Is this a client sided error or one that needs fixing. Thanks
  7. to add to the comment before me, blackjacking isn't working properly. The bot attempts to pickpocket too quickly missing the second pickpocket. It then proceeds to knockout whilst the NPC is still on the floor and right clicks and hovers over pickpocket.This means that when the NPC gets up the bot is hovering over pickpocket making the bot very easy to detect and slowing down the overall blackjacking process and xp per hour.
  8. also the bot keeps clicking on settings and then toggling run on and off upon depositing fish and going back to the spot. Finding this at fishing guild cheers boss and gl xxx
  9. I'm a big noob when it comes to all this so i apologise if this is obvious, but where and how can i use looking glass or is it down for the time being. (p.s. I have VIP) thank you, ttpqmzfg9987
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