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  1. I had multiple f2p accounts bot only like 4 hours a day and they lasted over a week. (with premium scripts)
  2. do most people just suicide run them 24/7?
  3. How many hours per day should you run F2P gold farm bots (mining/woodcutting) ? I would like them to last at least 2 weeks before getting banned. Any suggestions?
  4. Anyone know a good mule script that is currently working and not outdated? some of the ones I found haven't been updated in a while
  5. How many bots can you guys run on your rig? I have a laptop so I can run like 5 max... Is it possible to run 50 bots on a $500 new desktop pc? (maybe an 8core AMD cpu?).
  6. Thanks for the response. Do you think if another goldfarmer used the proxy in the future I could be banned later on? or is that unlikely
  7. Long story short, i accidentally logged into my main account for 5 seconds on one of my bot proxies. I bought the proxy from a fairly popular website, so I'm pretty sure it's flagged or will be flagged by someone else in the future. Am I going to be banned?? I have NEVER botted on my main, but can I get banned because I logged in with that IP? pretty worried...
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