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  1. One account died this banwave around 1800 kc , the other one way above 2k still alive , ran exactly same settings on them so one simply was reported and other was not This is not the script flaw . The only pattern i could see is short mode while using trident , you could change that because there is no difference between "accurate" and "rapid" on trident but bot have to change it every time it does swap to blowpipe , keep both on rapid easier and everybody does that anyways .
  2. Your Ip changes and script will stop after finishing kill , you have to close client and all java in background or wait 15 min . I'm back for more , script is working flawlessly for me last two weeks , it might withdraw once in a while two zurlah tp but other than that there are no flaws , that new pathing and spamming zurlah made it perfect .
  3. According to Ta Ta 's proggies either jagex didn't bother banning before and now did ban waves on zurlah because of these tweets or age of account must play huge role in not getting banned .
  4. Does not matter really , my acc had no offense and was straight perm-banned , the other one has 2day ban like month ago and has double that banned acc kc and still going , well not going right now cuz script broken . Anybody know if Worthy manage to fix trident ? Can't access discord somehow it's connecting forever endlessly .
  5. Somebody update when bot wil be working properly thanks
  6. Because of changes to kraken trident which holds 20k charges .
  7. If i have void range should i use mage helm or buy ahrim bot+ top ?
  8. According to these pictures people who use Zurlah helper die 12% more than your bot which is quite nice and sad at the same time that it's better than human beings .
  9. Are people sending these proggies to you or bot does it every time ?
  10. Looks like i need to incrase zurlah killed per acc per day according to these proggies btw how does this feature "eat at " works ? When i set it for example to eat at 55 i'd expect it to eat between phases but sometimes bot will just stay at 40hp and die due to ranged zurlah hit + snakeling combo .
  11. They are random tbh , i was babysitting one acc training total lvl and it lasted me 400 kc doing huge breaks like 1h bot 1,5h break or so , while the other is suiciding for 700+ kc and has garbage bot-like stats ...
  12. I found that if you use dynamic IP then when your IP changes script will stop and kick you out of instance so you have to restart client , maybe this will fix your issue .
  13. Yes , noticed it only once tho so must be quite rare
  14. Noticed that sometimes when break happen and bot is in middle of doing some task like banking it will upon login after break try to bank for example prayer pot while bank is not open untill i manually open bank so it can continue .
  15. Well Zurlah accs sell for like 40-50M ea so they should last at least 50h or so , and im talking about low range/mage stats .
  16. Yea must be , maybe i was world hopping too much so too many people saw me , actually quite funny because i trained totall lvl on that acc to not be spotted by reports but the other one with like 700 totall is fine and has more kc...
  17. Acc got perm banned after about 400 kills with 10+ min breaks every 40-70 min , bot session was around 3h . The other acc is fine with same setup , only difference is i used super restories on the acc which was banned must be coincidence or not i don't know . Rip 30M gear So my bot last for around 35h botting time which is quite low , don't know how that guy run it for 24/7 ;p
  18. Maybe stupid answer but did you check your blowpipe for darts ? I heared some people used iron darts by mistake which they had from doing bandos and then were wondering why they were hitting so shit .
  19. anywhere from 5% to 8% it's not nothing , in 12 kills it makes it 100% benefit . Btw anybody else have problem with script ? Bot started to do random shit after i took break , i stopped it and let it withdraw all armour from bank and it just went to zurlah and died then got stuck in lumby bank.
  20. @Worthy Does your script recognise super restores as prayer pots ?
  21. Switched to void to do multiple kills instead of one every time , ended up doing 12 kills an hour only while in ahrim i was doing 13/14 , yes it use half the teleport amount but missing 1/2 kills makes it worst than before .
  22. Updated , personally not gonna bot in night hours in europe , tell me in few hours if bot does not get stuck .
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