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  1. I know it, but, I want to do everything automatically. Imagine, buy 20 servers and automatically make log in (without needing to manually do it). I don`t have a way to do that?
  2. I am trying to build a farm using Tribot, but I am having some issues with the authentication of my Tribot account before the Tribot updater is launched. I know that when I login manually Tribot stores this information and it is good for ~2 to 3 days, but I'd like to automate that. Right now I'm using an automation tool called SikuliX to get me through Tribot's login screen, but it's a little buggy. Is there any API or command-line argument that I can call/use that can authenticate me and launch the Tribot updater? Or maybe a different method of achieving that without needing to manually login every time?
  3. I know tribot just open last osrs setting, but somehow, the default size mode its always getting back to full sized. It`s possible to change it programatically?
  4. I know that if I put full screen mode on any client, tribot will follow the screen mode, but I didnt change anything and I already set it to lower screen mode and, when I open a new bot, he still open full screen as default mode. what should I do?
  5. Where I can find any tutorial on how to use this CLI? ty for updates!
  6. about your script request. I can help you out.
    skype: igorrrr73


    1. Naton


      Only premium scripters can sell private scripts.

  7. Hey guys, my script keeps random clicking and moving mouse even if I dont have anything coded. That is a tribot default antiban? how can I deactivate it? Cheers
  8. GSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOV U
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