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    If you want me to powerlevel you just message me. You can also pay me BTC and paypal.

    Just am active botter who test scripts out and find bugs to report. But mainly bot fishing and woodcutting <3

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  1. it banks the range setup then teleports
  2. takeovertheworld

    2 days ban

    yup had a few bot accounts with 99wc
  3. takeovertheworld

    Looking For A Working Mort Myre Fungus Script

    gonna check the repository
  4. takeovertheworld

    Looking For A Working Mort Myre Fungus Script

    would also like to know this
  5. takeovertheworld


    Mate you do have the VIP
  7. takeovertheworld

    Fatal Client Bug 2/1/2018 [solved]

    it's been update so working now they updated it around 4:40
  8. takeovertheworld

    Pro Fisher not work.

    Rs had an update and broke some scripts so gonna have to wait for them to update it.
  9. takeovertheworld

    Players.getAll() returns empty array

    rs update broke it
  10. Runescape had an update today and now the script is stuck on trying to log in and doesn't show any information on what fish its attempting to catch just sits there being the majestic bots they are
  11. RS had an update today so some scripts are not working don't worry tribot just needs to update
  12. takeovertheworld

    Does anybody have problem with TRiBot debug?

    hopefully not lol would be a waste of VIP
  13. takeovertheworld

    Does anybody have problem with TRiBot debug?

    RS had an update its messing with scripts also just wait good time to give bots a break lol
  14. takeovertheworld

    Has banrate increased by a lot recently

    Yup just lost 5 bots this week not going good
  15. No longer having issues with catherby since i moved to the fishing guild. my client was already in fixed mode but the path was still messed up never had issues with the bank in catherby. With the lumbridge swamp it misses a drop on the shrimp and will stay stuck on "Dropping Junk" and have to completely restart the script for it to work again. Also this is a really amazing script hit 70+ fishing on a few accounts already and 64 on 2 others. working on another account right now.