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    If you want me to powerlevel you just message me. You can also pay me BTC and paypal.

    Just am active botter who test scripts out and find bugs to report. But mainly bot fishing and woodcutting <3

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  1. REQ: Need B2P unlocked on my account

    glad to finish 2 accounts for you went smooth. Few more to finish did both for 15m
  2. |w| Zulrah Slayer [1-3m+/hr] [ABC2][ABCL10][LG][V2]

    it banks the range setup then teleports
  3. 2 days ban

    yup had a few bot accounts with 99wc
  4. need 40-70 range

    Could get this done within a week or less for 40m. Just need to finish up this B2P order.
  5. Corrupt-A-Wish (give away)

    Granted, but it's all rotten I wish i was a potato
  6. Corrupt-A-Wish (give away)

    Granted, but you're paralyzed I wish i could have better hand writing
  7. REQ: powerlevel service 60-60-60

    can't wait to work some more thanks for using the service glad you're happy.
  8. REQ: powerlevel service 60-60-60

    Completed one order for you, satisfied with how quick it was done?
  9. Looking For A Working Mort Myre Fungus Script

    gonna check the repository
  10. Looking For A Working Mort Myre Fungus Script

    would also like to know this
  11. remove

    Mate you do have the VIP
  12. We DEMAND Emoji Support!

  13. REQ: powerlevel service 60-60-60

    Wouldn't it be easier just to afk sand and rock crabs could get those stats easy no problem, trained all those stats to 70 on my main account. Decided to edit and say i can help out too much free time you could check in very often with me fast response time cause always at the computer.
  14. Fatal Client Bug 2/1/2018 [solved]

    it's been update so working now they updated it around 4:40
  15. Pro Fisher not work.

    Rs had an update and broke some scripts so gonna have to wait for them to update it.