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    Botting in 2018 Questions

    1. I haven't botted without LG so I can't really say. I'd rather be safe then sorry, its more for when/if jagex detect the client. 2. Eh yes and no.. Most of the scripts on here that are free have decent anti-ban that just makes their detection useless. You will see alot of scripts with ABC implemented, which is a anti-ban. 3. Yes exactly, don't suicide bot at all or else you would be asking for it. Take this how you will but I have been botting everyday almost on a main and a pure account and almost maxed my main. My main account recently got banned because the free script I was using got stuck at the bank overnight but other then that i've botted non-stop of NMZ for upto 6 hours at a time. In my personal opinion aslong as you don't get physically reported by a player, suicide bot and the anti-ban is up to date in the script. You should be fine.
  2. dezina

    [FREE] nBarrows Return

    Was this script removed?
  3. Can't be it, because I dont use Dad and it still doesn't redrink the overload for me.
  4. Yeah I must say its probs one of the better if not best free scripts ive had the pleasure of using in awhile :). Can be buggy sometimes but honestly I think thats just looking glass!
  5. dezina

    Best way to suicide bot?

    In my experience over the last 3 months its 10 x worse then what it was like when OS was first released... Legit botting on a f2p account is straight suicide. Although if you pick the right scripts with ABC implemented botting p2p is to easy... Got 1-56 agility botting ridiculous hours on a level 8 members account yet get banned within the hour on a level 46 f2p account, botting....anything >_>. Can't work it out lol
  6. After the overload runs out it doesnt drink another sip. I've tried restarting the client, deleting hooks.dat in settings. Any suggestions?? It just sits at 51 HP after the overload expires.
  7. So recently changed to botting 3 clients at once so I changed the heap size to 1000mb. Now when I run even two clients, either one of them freezes and in doing so stops the script. I tried changing the heap size back but no luck so far. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. dezina

    SwagCurseAlch [All NPC's] [100k+ xp/h]

    Still works great! Got from 55- 75 easy with no ban :).
  9. How long are you guys running the script for?
  10. Positive im not trying to open rs3 lol.. Ahh it has been happening for the last 2 weeks but i've only just now wanted to bot a 3rd account. I've tried reinstalling the client and knew that there was some kind of bug that lets this happen, although from what i've read you cant open any clients at all. Atleast I can open 2 osrs clients lol...
  11. So whenever I go to open up a 3rd client with looking glass I just get "Unable to load advertising" and a quit option. I was curious if there is a restriction to how many clients are able to be opened with tribot? Thanks, in advance!
  12. Working great again so far although when I have the option to use overloads, it works initially but when the bot raises the characters hp back up again it doesnt actually reuse the overloads or even use the rock cake. I've just disabled overloads for now and seems to work fine :). Will test more tomorrow and try give you a better explanation ahah...
  13. For some reason it isn't doing the granite maul spec. Sometimes it does but doesnt use the full spec and doesnt change back to main weapon.