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  1. Every hour or so! 50min - 110min
  2. Best feature about this script is the world changer every so often. It's hands down the ONLY script on tribot that im able to run for 24hours on the regular and not get banned. It's ridiculously amazing
  3. Also getting the issue where it will deposit and withdraw my trident staff over and over unless i start the script with it equipped. Other than that it seems to be back to normal
  4. dezina

    Does jagex track IP or account for hours/day?

    Honestly in my experience you only get banned when you get reported as of recently having the client undetected. Jagex only have so may employees and god knows they dont have the time to run around tracking single accounts etc. They just hit you with the ban hammer and move on. I realised this when I was botting 2 accounts overnight one time using the same script on both accounts. One for whatever reason got stuck, reported & banned and the other was completely fine. I sat there thinking why the hell didnt anyone do an IP lookup on their database or anything at all..? You see on the bot busting streams jagex do, people hit with billions of gp and there just like "oh haha" and move on the thousands of other accounts. This is just my experience tho. I have definitely heard of chain flagging IP's etc
  5. *EDIT* Seems to be fine now, although fps lag is really high! Could that be due to new update with zooming? Also death count + gold per hour isnt working
  6. Could you add to option to hop worlds every so often at all?
  7. I'm running it overnight and am noticing that to. Sometimes one of the bots will just randomly stop 3-4 hours in due to the 8 minute logout and the other will run the whole night just fine.
  8. dezina

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    This is abit of a stretch but any chance you could implement a feature where it changes specific worlds that you choose every so often. Maybe make it so we can choose a range of minutes for it to change worlds. Example: Change worlds to 388 110 minutes - 127 minutes. Idk its what the zulrah slayer script has and works great for an anti-ban feature and long botting periods without relying on the break handler...
  9. Ok so when it goes to refill the overload barrel by purchasing more overload doses it gets stuck in a lopp of buying the overloads. Just keeps buying the overloads even tho the barrel is full.
  10. Purchased a 2 week sub for this script and must say it definitely delivers! It takes some time to tweak out your account if your new to zulrah, working out which gear is best and rotations but that's simply because its a complicated boss. This script works flawlessly once you get the right build. It's human like and incredible fast reaction times to prayer switching and phase changing is 10/10 As long as you have the basic supplies in bank you can just teleport to clan wars, load the script, hit start and it remembers the loadout and always banks the right stuff without any issues. It's anti-ban so far seems incredibly reliable Checks bank for supplies to restock blowpipe and trident Works really well with break handler Watched the script closely over the passed 2 weeks and its definitely one of the few scripts I feel comfortable to leave while completely AFK from the PC. A few tips to people new to Zulrah like I was! Magic defence/attack are extremely important so focus on gear/levels aimed towards that. 85+ is recommended but with 90+ and 75 defence I was able to get 2 kills per trip with void and basic god cape. There is very little difference between basic void and ahrims unless you have tormented bracelet & serp helm. Not worth using teleport scrolls unless your consistently able to get 2 kills a trip or more. You would be surprised at how fast a camelot teleport and boat right are! All in all its a great script that's well coded! I was able to get back my total investment into my account plus supplies back within at the most 8 days of cassually and carefully botting!
  11. Tried to 2 hour trial before I try one auth for 2 weeks and seems to work really well. The reaction speed is actually crazy how fast it is! Died twice in an hour but I think I just need to boost my defence alittle from 71!
  12. Any chance you could do a deal for 3x auth. The multi buy deals goes from 1 auth straight to 5 which is a hell of a leap! Or even 2x auths for $25/bi-weekly. I have 2 accounts ready and would love to use both of them for 2 weeks but it just is still abit to steep pricing for me.
  13. Its definitely lag.. I started torrenting while running the bot and everything was delayed by about 3 seconds lol. Although I did notice it does attack monsters alittle slow(without lag).
  14. Yeah man not sure what to say I'm currently using the trial now and its running really smoothly.
  15. Seriously thinking about buying this script to use on my mule, has decent stats and void but has been temp banned once before... I don't care if the account gets banned aslong as I can make my gp back atleast but worried I might just get instant banned seeing how I have a previous ban history...