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  1. I think you meant you're not aware of any? I connected a map with routes, BKR is a good method, I usually use clan wars teleport out to reset stats, and then ardy cape teleport to use the fairy ring near there to get to BKR... Ideas.. If possible in some way... I would even make donations for a similar feature.
  2. It requires the Arceuus book and 83 magic. Am a ways off on the mage exp still.. there's a fair ring near the boat in middle of the swamp
  3. I really want to do this on my iron man but its such high requirements to get the teleports / glory the script requires :/... idk if adding fairy ring travel or something would be a lot to ask... but wish i could use it on mine
  4. You're not the only person who will read them...
  5. Seems on aerial fishing it will only drop one fish at a time... it will do it as you catch them from the start if you select to drop as the bird flies, or it will fill the inventory then drop one, catch one... ultimately doing the same thing just with a full inventory of fish... is this normal or am I doing something wrong? I would do this myself by filling the entire inventory and then dropping them all, then repeat... If possible I'd like to set the script up to do something like that too?
  6. No problem, I was just hoping there may be something you could easily add for that, I don't know scripting to know if it's more work for you than it would be worth... I just use the script on a lot of monsters and a lot of things have specific untradeable depending on area or monster etc... Which I could see possibly making it hard to write in the code, just was hopeful since you can turn on to be notified of an untradeable drop that there was an easy in for it to be detected for you... like I said, clueless about scripting this so if it's not reasonable i totally understand
  7. I just load it a couple times a couple different ways (looking glass or advanced) ... reloading the OSBuddy every time i try looking glass... eventually it'll load up... today I've not been having any issues with it, but am still getting the server lag from Runescape
  8. I tried several of the old ones i used to use and some others with no luck... does anyone have a script i can use to combine items by name or ID, specifically for combining saltpetre and compost for favor, but its also handy for other various things like it occasionally... thanks
  9. Hey.. love this script I always use it when I'm building accounts... something that I personally think would be useful to be able to do with the script is to be able to set some parameters to "do this".."when".."some event." Tried to say that a bit vague because it could apply to more things than just what I have in mind, I'm sure. The reason I'm particularly interested in this feature is so I could set the script to "click Magical Animator".."after".."finished looting". In my use it would be looting after combat, not during, but I don't specify that in my arguments because you won't get in combat again until you make the action. Also I don't know that it makes a difference but I'll note that I've started this manually and what I do is let the script run with no set targets (so it doesn't chase after any bystander's Animated Armour). After clicking the animator the Armour will automatically attack you making you not need to select a target, considering your auto-retaliate is on. I also set the loot table to grab the tokens and all possible Armour types you can use, so I don't have to change it as they upgrade. Another thing I guess I should throw in, my profit gained with this script is about to sky-rocket now (I don't use the script for profit, mostly leveling low alts to a certain point) because every kill it's looting the set of Armour and counting it as a new profit gain. Anyways, thank you for the scripts and thank you for reading this... It's just an idea, if there's some reason this isn't a feature or is not feasible then by all means shoot it down, I will continue using this script regardless. ***Also later found it does not recognize the bank inside there and started running towards Falador for food, leaving my animated armor. Just a note if this feature is of interest***
  10. I didn't know if it would matter for anything or not, ran about 16 quests today in one argument with very little attention needed, it got stuck a couple times on tears of guthix, but that's really about it.. had some trouble crossing the jumping stones, and then probably a special case, but my account already had the lamp made into sapphire lense and it seemed to throw it off track.. I'm super pleased with the script so far
  11. Today i'm testing out EzQuester... so far I loaded it up with arguments and its going to town buying all the items.. I ran it yesterday and it did awesome BTW. One thing that comes to mind for me right out the gate is that I set it up to do several quests, and it pulls out the exact calculated amount of GP to buy the required items for all those quests. While it seems to be working great and all... it doesn't seem very human-like to me to grab out 53218 gp from a stack to buy a list of items. xD in the big picture, I'm not sure how much that would ever even matter.. I will keep you posted how it runs though, so far so good.
  12. Your OneClickRegicide did read it for me, but I have not run the quest with this program yet.
  13. Is this still running strong? i know when I last was botting consistantly I purely botted motherlode on several accounts at a time every single day all day and got at least 8+ accounts to 99+ mining... just didnt know if it's still going good.. also is there a signature for this script because i'd really like to see my stats from this script too
  14. As far as I know I'm doing it right, but it's been a while, just getting back into this a couple days ago... anyways, Dagganoth @ wilderness altar isn't loading anything for me.. I just press start script and the GUI stays and the on screen gui says loading for method, status, and state. Same if i try other bones for wilderness altar, havent tried any others... not really what i'm looking to do
  15. Shoot I've had a couple 1900-2k accounts get instant perm bans no previous marks, using scripts that were generally safe on my other accounts.
  16. I was considering asking about the rings myself, but decided not to.. The ring like mentioned doesnt really change much at all, and would just add unnecessary complication to the script... It works really well with a duelling ring and it's lower overhead comparted to putting a 400-500k ring on a bot..
  17. Ooh I get ya... I will try it out manually and see if it's something i'd want to switch to but I don't know if it's worth adding in specially because then would have to figure out the Charge spell hurdle too.
  18. Thanks Netami! I was attempting to test out a staff of the dead earlier with flames of zamorak, and the bot account i havent bought a rune pouch for, it kept depositing my runes back into the bank then would get to DH and be like oh shit and log out before going in.. I would say the Trident is better to be using anyways, but wonder if that means anything casted with runes from your inventory is completely ruled out?
  19. I may need to tweak my zoom I'll check into that, thanks!
  20. Script's been working great for me I really like it.. only bug I have gotten stuck in the side tunnels once in the crypt a few times where I had to click it through and let it pick back up, and once when I was away it logged out in the tunnel. I'm assuming the same thing happened but I wasnt there to click through Aside from that, the script has worked great for me and I plan to keep using it, Thanks Netami. BTW your Pest Control script is the only one I will use, it's far better and more reliable than the others I've tried and gotten accounts banned from.
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