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  1. Great script! I'm using it for slayer. I'm just wondering, for certain monsters like rock slug and gargoyles, could we add some functionality for finishing them? Would be really great and differentiate you from the rest. Also, when there are no bones in inven and it wants to eat, it just spams bones to peaches.
  2. Does this no longer drink ovls? I have it in my inven but it just spams rock cakes
  3. did the latest update break this? it doesnt click on fishing spots
  4. Bot loader problems?

    Figured out the problem on a whim. It seems as though using my vodafone hotspot causes it to fail. Using my home wifi seems to fix it. I really need to use my phone hotspot though. Is there a way to circumvent this?
  5. Bot loader problems?

    I deleted .tribot and now it always shows the login box that always freezes.
  6. Bot loader problems?

    Ok so i ran it in console mode, and it loaded tribot, but it froze immediately. After a minute this came up. It is still frozen. The same errors seem to repeat every 30 seconds. This is probably the problem. Don't know how to fix though.
  7. Bot loader problems?

    The thing is I cant even get to that screen
  8. Bot loader problems?

    Everythings been fine for the past month, and even earlier today, but suddenly when i try to run tribot, it doesnt open the login screen. After multiple attempts, sometimes I am able to get to the login screen. There are no loading problems, but then after the loader finishes tribot client doesnt come up. Not sure what is the problem here. I have read through the FAQs and deleted dependencies reinstalled BOTH jdk and jre 8u161. On my other laptop, it is just fine, so I am not sure what happened. Alright, now when i get it to run it freezes when i press start script.
  9. |w| Zulrah Slayer [1-3m+/hr] [ABC2][ABCL10][LG][V2]

    I cant seem to see the mouse moving while its killing zulrah? Debug has the mouse in only 1 position, while it clicks everywhere else. Im guessing the black dot with concentric circles is the mouse. It doesnt move.
  10. i know this may be a simple question, but what settings should be put on to cannon and alch at the same time? i cant seem to do this, it wont place the cannon down and it will just start alching