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  1. Much appreciated let us know when the scripts updated and I will test it out for you.
  2. Still works for defending void and attacking portals. The repairing barricades is a bit broken atm though.
  3. Been running it for a couple of hours today repairing barricades, it seems to be a bit more stable. Maybe due to less competition for trees and barricades. The major issue is that once it walks to a tree or barricade, for some reason it wants to spam click the minimap still instead of just clicked the tree/cade, switching between clicking spot on the minimap that we are already standing and hovering over the barricade. Occasionally it goes to cut trees at the start then doesn't go to repair the barricades when we have enough logs, and just afks for the rest of the game. Defending the void knight and attacking portals seem to work very well, only tested them for 15 minutes or so, but had no issues whatsoever with them.
  4. What's with the white screen? It just white screens then just sits there doing nothing.
  5. Just bought this script. Using the barricade repairs it goes crazy switching between the minimap and the tree/barricade it is trying to click for about 10 seconds, very detectable and needs to be fixed. It also stops repairing barricades if you die and just goes to cutting trees, hasn't got me a single pc point in 10 games because of this.
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