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  1. Bot246


    do you use your 10 mules on your home ip ?
  2. Bot246


    could you rwt 100b without getting banned ? say i got lucky at the sand casino
  3. Bot246


    say i was to use my main how would i not get banned for rwt does fagex pick up on 100m-200m trades or should i stake trade it to the guys at bogla ?
  4. Bot246


    How would i make a mule to hold all my bot money my main is the oldest account and has been here since the beginning of osrs and i don't want it to get banned over some dumb shit i have no idea how to mule effectively any guides?
  5. I want to try make my own scripts.
  6. how do i use the sigma wyvern bot it just stands in the bank.

    1. davesingh1995


      yo, I paid for sigma magic last february, never got to use it because tribot was down. bought for 30 days, didnt use once, can you grant me 30 days please. I have all the proof.

      Screen Shot 01-15-18 at 03.16 PM.PNG

  7. im really bad at setting up the bot how do i do it
  8. Bot246

    sigma wyvern

    thanks figured it out
  9. Bot246

    sigma wyvern

    want to buy the wyvern script have no idea how to get credits help
  10. Bot246

    Barrows script

    Can i have a barrows script made please or shown if there is one already existing i can't seem to find one.
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