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  1. I have installed Java TWICE, using the link in that post and just going on their site and this is what I get when I try to open the loader via Java platform SE binary
  2. That link was the one I was using prior to making this post, all the screenshots posted by Dukat are not what I am seeing at all, i have checked the other posts and I am not finding anything like my issue I am encountering..
  3. I am trying to download the client to get some bots, and I am having a bunch of trouble trying to get this figured out, I am almost at the point of giving up...I downloaded the TriBot Loader, which for whatever reason keeps defaulting to Internet Explorer. Yes I already downloaded java and it is up to date, and I am getting frustrated now at this point because I cant seem to get the loader to run through Java. Can someone please help me out?? I really wanna buy a bunch of bots and get characters rolling I just cant get this situated...
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