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  1. Ahh ok I was talking to you then last night good to know.
  2. I've added you but there's 3 others with that skype username so I'm not quite sure which of you is real.
  3. Didn't work. I deleted the hooks file and the dependencies folder. Then deleted the jagex cache folder and reinstalled the official osrs client and launched it then tried tribot script and still doesn't highlight the cape.
  4. Sadly not. I am trying with the Imbued Saradomin Cape for the new Mage Arena quest. Also if I may suggest another smallish feature if you could also make it so the script highlights anti-venom++ potions when needed to use like it highlights food when you need to eat, that would be dope.
  5. Would be great if you could add the Imbued Saradomin Cape to the script as it is best in slot.
  6. Great script makes killing zulrah ez.
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