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  1. Really enjoying the script great job i have all the good settings down right now. Does it also support ring of suffering?
  2. It seems too stop banking after a few kills, it stands very close too castle wars bank around 5 steps and than just do nothing for 8 minutes and log off. This happend about 6 times now i can only baby sit the bot. Using the trail atm, will buy if theres a fix
  3. Bougth the script really enjoying it. But im having a little problem it doesnt seem too break. I made my own break setup and chosen this while starting the script but it never seems too run it. Also im getting this error sometimes, this comes random as im asleep. [00:26:48] The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0
  4. baspaas

    Buying 30 credits

    As title says. Needing too buy vip and some scripts.
  5. Hello guys, I really wanna get back into botting but i just dont know where too start. I used tribot and powerbot around 2014 i believe with succes under other names. But now i am back and wanna try again. but i just dont know where too start. Because of the high ban rates etc. Would 10 accounts bh looter be any worthy, or buying accounts and do zulrah. I really dont know Hope you guys can give me some guidance or advice. Glad to be back
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