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  1. Every goldfarming method ever worth doing (07)

    Old School Air orbs 300k + runite ore 500k + shilo gem mine (old 200k) hobgoblin limpwurt roots (old) 150k fairy ring nature runes 175k-225k mort myre fungus 300k unf potions 600k + green dragons 300k~ addy ore in alkahrid, jatiszo, under grand tree and lumbridge 100-200k house tabs/varrock tabs 200k plank picking 125k big bones (f2p) idk scrubs warriors guild shop 250k + arrowtip shops 500k + death runes 500k + battlestaves 500k + planks from mort myre shop (in aid of myreque) 750k + balls of wool from nietznot (old 500k+) jugs of water (f2p) LOL thugs (in edgeville wild) 150k + infinity boots idk brine sabres idk looting nechraeyl 400k + whiteberry telegrabbing (old) 350k + marks of grace (oldish) 200k plank making 200k tanning hides 200k telegrabbing wines of zamorak 150k saltpetere(old) 200k + lava dragons alhakid rune sudoku puzzle safe cracking (old) paladins (dmm) thread from crafting stores choclate dust/bars from nardah and grand tree blast furnace and jatiszo ores bronze bars shantay pass emptying jugs of vinegar (old) puro puro red/black chins buying beers/wizard mind bombs (old) easy clues cosmic/nature runes selling amulets on karajama selling to karamjaa shop (old) butler plank making enchating recoils cannonballs blast furnace maple longbows gold amulets (f2p) buying sharks from zeah shop rouges castle chests mining clay in yanile/under grand tree (oldish) cooking shark (varies) selling items to west ardy and rouges den shops rune arrows, maple bows shit like that buying lockpicks/throwing knives minnows snakeskin body crafting astral runes basically all magic shops, baby yaga etc bowstrings duh ~smokè