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  1. also would like to just say, i want to farm things in the wilderness and bank in the mage arena bank. i am having trouble understanding how to use the custom walking with the regular gui in order to make the banking path and everything work. i cant even get something basic to work with custom walking. any help on how to use custom walking would be greaaatttlyyy appreciated
  2. i could use a little help in understanding how custom walking works. like if i wanted to kill things in the wilderness, and then walk to the mage arena bank. i think i understand that i have to set a series of commands for it to follow in order to get to the bank. like interacting with objects and going to certain tiles to create a path. is there randomness to the walking pattern and or paths? or do i have to implement them my self? also if starting from the monster and going to the bank, do i select " to bank" and if thats the case do i need to make two paths.. one from each direction? seems like a lot of questions but i cant find help anywhere on custom walking or anything like it no matter what i try to research. thanks!!
  3. cuts logs fine on custom oaks at daynor, gets confused when trying to bank, and can't. started a few hours ago and do not know what triggered it. any news? wow never mind this. my screens on all my accounts got switched back to re sizable. kinda strange EVERYTHING WORKS FINE
  4. bot is getting confused while banking, this just started in the past few hours. before that it was running smooth. why does this happen? never mind. my screens were automatically being set back to re sizable. strange. everything works fine
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