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  1. flytohigh

    Client starter dont work?

    Hey i try to use client starter for the first time, and it get stuck every time after open by "loading client params" is this function working corectly or is it my mistake?
  2. flytohigh

    Which Prem Script?

    I would like to buy my first Tribot Prem script to get Gold, so far i made arreound 8M in osrs and would like to buy two Bonds and farm on 2 acc. Now i have no idea whats a good script for Money, i would like to start with a sript which is under 10$ and it should be get so banned quickly, otherwise im cleand I take any advises I found some where i am intrested in https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/39-master-thiever-aio/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2386-gods-orbs/ which one is better,or any other script? Thanks
  3. flytohigh

    proxy bug?

    i made a topic, but i dont know how to move it, would be great if someone know the Solution for my problem
  4. flytohigh

    Running proxys in difrent tabs

    If i start the Tribot without a proxy than on runtime information stand proxy:none , do i need to be logged ingame to refresh runtime information?
  5. flytohigh

    Running proxys in difrent tabs

    Thanks i use Advanced client and than i select the proxy and when i am at the loading screen i look ab the runtimeinformation and there is the ip from the proxy which one i startet tribot, so i am afraid to login?
  6. Hey i bought vip and now i try to run didrent proxys in difrent tabs now i use for one proxy one single tribot programm, but this kills my cpu, how i manage to only use one tribot programm with difrent tabs and in every tab a other proxy?
  7. flytohigh


    no i mean should i use the proxy again, because they are flaged?
  8. flytohigh


    what shall i do if one acc got banned, for example i have 3 acc registratet with this proxy one of them got Banned, what should i do with the other 2? use them or suicide bot or Switch proxy?
  9. flytohigh

    Auto Tanner [Open Source]

    Hey if i start the script the bot wants to klick the icon with "the game client is fixed to static size" and than it get stuck? someone know what to do?
  10. flytohigh

    Fresh accounts

    I iam intrested in getting some fresh accounts but how the creator manage to dont link them thogether. are these acc all made from one ip and make it a difrence if i use my proxy afterwards. is this only a method for suicide botting because jagex i think would see it the geograpic distance between the time were someone created the acc and my proxy in a other country. How mouch are fresh accounts, saw them for 0,10$ per acc ?
  11. flytohigh

    Dreambot + Tribot botting

    They i would like to Bot Tut island with dreambot and after that switch to tribot, but now i have the question if i use 2 botting softwears is it easier to detect them by jagex. The two softwears have diverent mouse moving styles or so ? is this a problem or not ? Tribot Vs Dreambot whats the diffrence ?
  12. flytohigh

    proxy6.net flagged?

    yeah i will do that, someone got any tipps aswell?
  13. flytohigh

    proxy6.net flagged?

    thanks so inconclusion it is not worth doing tut island by myseld only do this when i make a mule ? i thought i should do tut island to every acc by myself?
  14. flytohigh

    proxy6.net flagged?

    oke thanks, if we acspect that these proxys are flaged and i would not sucicide bot on them is it worth to make tut island by myself or it is worthless because the proxys are flaged?
  15. flytohigh

    proxy6.net flagged?

    i tested it, with 4 accounts and they dindt got locked after boting tut island after 2 days a 8 hours botting, they got baned... but i botted 8 hous the same, without break and with levl 3 acc is this normal?